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THE DISMAY OF THE SPIRITUAL VAGABOND. When one comprehends that there’s no place to go nor goal to be reached.


Moving from one country to another is a game of fantasy that allows for dialogue.

Today, Sunday the 19th of May, I travel from Madrid to Barcelona, I will be in charge of 3 intensive days and nights of training putting on a meeting with applicants to join our organization, on Thursday the 23rd I’ll travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to meet up with my team and people who have offered us the possibility of setting up our school of consciousness there in a large expanse of jungle where we will also be partaking in the planting of ayahuasca. On Sunday I have to be in Milan, Italy to impart 3 days of training related to our inner evolution method, on Wednesday 29th I will go to Israel in order to carry out our second 8 day retreat and while there I’ll be seeking out a house in which to start another school of consciousness. Once I’ve departed Israel, I’ll go to Hamburg, Germany on Monday the 10th of June, to give a lecture…

For all intents and purposes this may seem like someone’s planned schedule, but it’s actually the prologue to the story of a traveler who started their trip 3 decades ago. When I realized that I was on such a trip that would allow me to travel and experience the world and all corners of my inner self, I decided to call myself a SPIRITUAL VAGABOND OR WANDERER.

I began to write the accounts of a spiritual wanderer in several articles, but there came a time when I could no longer continue writing due to the fact that there were so many things that happening to me, such were the experiences that I was living, that I eventually chose to vacate the storyline and simply surrender myself to enjoying everything that was happening to me.

It’s now 10 years  since I first wrote about the THE SPIRITUAL VAGABOND, and so I return to see if I can transmit what I feel in the face of my very frantic pace of travel, and the inner feeling of my constant movement without actually knowing where I’ll end up.

Right now I’m at a sports center in Madrid where I came to see my daughter Amelys participating in a dance competition, I’m spending a few days in my house with my family, with the people who live in my house and with our organization’s management team, as we all wanted to spend a few days together in order to air and share decisions.

10 years ago this is what I foresaw:  “There comes a time in a spiritual wanderer’s life where one doesn’t know nor indeed is one truly aware of which step is the next to be taken, because in fact one stops taking steps forward and begins to focus on the very path on which one previously used to travel. ”

The seeking path leads nowhere, as it’s not designed for either advancing or retreating, but rather to bring about that which our soul craves. The path ends at the very moment we stop walking, thus ceasing to be a space in which to travel and instead becomes the runway for what must arrive.

The seeker realizes what is wanted, then stops, therein ending their search, and in that silent, serene space can be found everything they deserve.

To go from one country to another is not about the action of moving towards my destiny (lit. destination?), but rather to be obeying the cry of my soul, a soul that wants to be in so many places and with so many of the people I need to see, know and explore. In such an encounter there’s a confluence of places, human beings and situations which produces an inner DIALOGUE that enriches me and enables me find the meaning of my life. Finding the meaning of life is the gift one receives when they simply stop seeking.

DIALOGUE is a delightful word, “DIA” means to ENTER, during the act of “dialogue” we must convert to listening mode, without any interference, to open ourselves up so that whatever must ENTER will do so.

Every single process of healing or transformation inevitably leads us to the point of re-opening the heart in order to then be able to rediscover our own selves through the harmony we share with others.

It’s a wonderful journey. You can do it while out in the world, in your city, in your neighborhood and even while at work or at home. It’s only necessary to open up to LOVE, to be loved and to love in return.

Alberto José Varela

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