The beauty of expansive transformation, unprepared, originating in a collective experience. 

Trying to explain my experience at the European School of Ayahuasca is really a challenge. There are so many sounds that I am starting to feel from the inside, many of which I’m listening for the first time still after the end of the training cycle. At the moment I have done two complete cycles, and my motivation continues to grow based on the same inspiration: interaction with others vibrating in unison.

The work, based on various workshops, it allows to constantly challenge the idea we have of ourselves. You discover emotions and expressions that never imagine as your own. At the same time, it is possible to better understand the human experience, enriching the network of people from around the world. It doesn’t matter if we look for it or not, the others become mirrors that reflect us, allowing a better understanding of our selves. The conviction that we are really one, is a more palpable than ever. Windows are open that allow you to observe your real nature and you find yourself opening doors that allow others to look beyond towards a new state of being. It is the beauty of the expansive transformation without preparation, originated in a collective experience, which occurs with the naturalness of a tree that grows and spreads its branches toward the sky.

In practice, I have learned to reconnect with communication in its fullness: improving my observation skills, my ability to read non-verbal codes, experimenting new movements with my body, strongly re-connecting with the music and the expression of the soul. For me this work in different dimensions is critical, because I think that in order to achieve a state of expansion, you must work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. If we were an instrument, it’s as if you worked on your pitch for four days and even discover other sounds and hidden strings that you had never seen before. The nicest thing of all is that there are no rigid programs: there are issues that are constantly touched, not repetitively, but as a spiral progress: revisiting understandings that deepen the truth. The School, which seeks to connect participants with their spontaneous and pure expression, is in its proposal a beautiful example of freedom with a purpose.

One of the issues we work on this last cycle has to do with the challenge of transcending conditioning, making our personal treasure emerge, the real expression of being. It is as with the magic of groundwater.

Groundwater is found under the earth’s surface and mainly surface mainly between the fractures of rock formations. Using this beauty of nature as a metaphor, it is as if the solid rocks were the identity that we have built based on the conditioning, and the water flowing between its pores and cracks, the treasure waiting to flow into a wellspring of spontaneous expression of being.

Just as the deeper groundwater can remain hidden for thousands or millions of years, achieving that transition between a life based on the hard rocks of what we believe we are, to be the fluidity of what we really are, can occur at different moments in the lives of people. It just depends on us to let it emerge and flow. The experience at the school has been such a beautiful opportunity to let this happen.

Now, think about this interesting fact: scientists estimate groundwater accounts for more than 95% of all fresh water available for use, hence the importance of this water as fresh water reserve.

It’s almost as if our groundwater treasures were the reserve waiting to be discovered, that will allow us to maintain harmony between human beings and their relationship with nature.

Witnessing and feeling how the wellspring starts to flow in a group of people is wonderful. Moreover when you can see the impact in your everyday life: I express my ideas more clearly, with more simplicity and freedom at work; I interact with my family and loved ones with a renewed love and empathy, and I can share with others these new insights, generating an inspiring wave. Then you understand that living from the treasure implies a responsibility that doesn’t weighs, but rather it is assumed naturally and joyfully. All dimensions of my life have benefited.

In this path I will go on with my journey, I just ask you a question: Are you willing to discover your treasure?



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