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RETREAT WITH IBOGA, ORGANIZED BY INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL: under the direction of a team of doctors and experts in the therapeutic use of this powerful natural medicine extracted from the root of an African tree.



Iboga is the root of a tree that takes you to the root of what you are, to manifest in you what you are, and to remove at the root that which you are not, so that you stop blocking your life.


“The root” is the beginning, the cause, the reason, which later is developed and manifested. Giving root to the original decision of wanting to heal ourselves is the great step towards a life transformation.

Internal evolution retreat with psychotherapeutic use of IBOGA.

3 days and 3 nights with Dr. Mauricio Albanés Molina and the team of facilitators.

– Eindhoven- Holand     4 – 7/10

– Madrid-Spain              11 – 14/10

– Berlín-Germany           25 – 28/10

– Barcelona-Spain          1 – 4/11

– Marbella-Spain            8 – 11/11

– Madrid-Spain              12 – 18/11

– Colonia-Uruguay         28/11 – 2/12


Our organization hosts retreats in more than 20 countries with ayahuasca, kambo, bufo alvarius, yopo and other natural entheogenic substances, recognizing the particular effect that each medicine produces in the context of internal evolution for each person; when we got to know Iboga we understood that this experience was something very special, not only complementary, since it goes beyond providing an additional healing power and goes on to produce an integration of the process that each person is realizing; “completing it”, “reaffirming it”, and “assimilating” each step that has been taken to arrive to a state of well-being and internal empowerment. It is a final point and at the same time an ignition that allows us to begin again at the beginning. Iboga gives consciousness to this rebirth, that has been generated by the process of finding yourself; it gives the final blow.

The investigative team of Inner Mastery has spent the past year trying different options for the use of Iboga, advised by various doctors and expert facilitators from Argentina, Mexico, and France, to define our own style and the most appropriate method. More than 10 facilitators have agreed to try all types of possibilities with Iboga supervised by our advisory doctor and the results have been incredible, therefore we want to share with you the opportunity to have this marvelous experience. This is for our clients that have tried many entheogens as well as for people who are having an experience of expanded consciousness for the first time.


Iboga is a natural entheogen that comes from grinding the root of the African tree “tabernanthe iboga” that is found in the deep forests of Gabon, Cameroon and the Congo.

This is one of the most powerful substances that exists providing an expanded state of consciousness that allows comprehension of complex matters of human life and, above all, about the personal matters that interfere in our happiness; for this reason it is known also as “the tree of wisdom”.  Additionally, it possesses an enormous healing potential like a tool of self-discovery and liberation from unnecessary burdens.

This natural medicine has been used by Bwiti, an initiatory tradition that comes from the purest branch of the mystic schools of ancient Egypt. Nowadays, it is being utilized in a multitude of clinics and is the central focus of many congresses on mental and clinical psychology in Europe and America because of the confirmed results that have been proven; most notably in the overcoming of addictions, although it has many other applications related to self-knowledge, personal development, and spiritual seeking.

People in agony are carried to the temples of Iboga in Gabon, from all the surrounding villages – those who have lost their vital energy and the will to live, many who have lost hope and become zombies; they are then resurrected after the process of healing with Iboga. If you feel that you are in a moment in your life where the structures and patterns you created, or were created in your interior, have already run their course and that you are carrying the suffering that they have left in you, then this is definitely the moment to take Iboga.

How could a butterfly fly if it had to carry the cocoon that had encased it before its transformation? Iboga completely dismantles all that has no vitality or sense in your life, that which is installed in your mind but later purged.

Iboga is to healing what etymology is to language, because it shows the root of what happens to you, providing a deeper meaning to specific relationships that exist in the defense mechanisms that you have created.

Everything begins to appear schematically and with clarity on the black screen that appears when you close your eyes, like it was signaling with a pointer the enigmatic unconscious causes of what happens to you. All this is not necessary to be noted, but to be recorded in the heart, where it came from. Suddenly it is in front of you, the memory of who you are, and that cannot be erased from you, only remembered. This is the moment of highest lucidity, when we recover the memory of what we are.


It is consumed by swallowing the ground-up root with a little water, as if it were a natural herbal infusion. From the moment that it is taken, the process with iboga can last between 6 to 40 hours, for this reason the person should be at the retreat for 3 days. The first day is for preparation, on the second day the iboga is given, and on the third day you come out of the process and into integration. In the first phase there is a profound relaxation; next an expanded state of consciousness enters, little by little, where lucid visions can appear about life, flooded with a strong and confronting feeling of comprehension of what makes us suffer. Iboga does not produce sickness, nor any other kind of damage, but it does produce physical tiredness that impedes making many movements, in such a way that we cannot escape from going through whatever we need to, in order to see inside ourselves. The following day an opposite effect is produced that is very revitalizing; the body feels like a newborn, because iboga gives great energy and impetus, because it is a natural stimulant, and it also elevates enthusiasm and the general will to live.

In regards to the phenomenology of the experience, the visions of iboga are much less strong than those of ayahuasca but it is much more direct at the time of confrontation, because it shows from the first time you take it what the person needs to see and comprehend. This is different from ayahuasca, which generally requires several times within a gradual process. That is why they call iboga the “mind breaker” because the mind is not capable of controlling, interrupting, or interfering with the message that it will give to you. It works a lot at the stomach or “gut” level, it connects us with our instincts. It sensitizes our perception as it prepares to tell us: “That’s it!” It shows us the unconscious processes that are blocking our personal development.

The process with iboga can be divided into 3 PHASES: Acute phase or state of “waking dream”, evaluative or reflective phase, and residual stimulation phase.

Phase 1: The acute phase begins 1 to 3 hours after taking iboga and can last up to 4 to 8 hours. The majority report having a “panoramic” experience, mostly visual, of past memories. Often it is described as a state of “waking dream” with diverse experiences that can be associated with transcendent beings, and going on a long path or floating. Not all the subjects experience visual phenomena but that doesn’t mean that it is not having an effect.

Phase 2: The evaluation phase. The evaluation phase can last from 8 to 20 hours. People often report remembering less memories in this phase together with a more neutral and reflective emotional tone. The attention is directed to evaluate the experiences of the previous acute phase.

Phase 3: The phase of residual stimulation begins 12 to 24 hours after having taken ibogaina and can last 24 to 36 hours or more. The attention returns to the external surroundings during this phase, while the subjective psychoactive experience begins to disappear. Normal movement returns and people often report an increase in excitement and awareness during this period also. Some report a reduced need for sleep during several days after the treatment. A need to stay awake is accentuated in this final phase.

After completing a journey with iboga, a window of greater introspection is opened, and lasts several days or weeks. It allows one to be conscious of emotional experiences and reactions to the environment.



A powerful medicine, that carries within its plant genes the seed of life for growing in the earth where it originated many years ago, that is to say, in the southeast of Africa, is linked to the recovery of the meaning of life. This original memory of the origin of life is still in our genes and the iboga activates it, illuminating an energetic pulse in our interior that is the source of all creation, the noble force of the spirit accessing the human organism that has forgotten the powerful resources it has.

It is the only entheogen that extinguishes withdrawal syndromes entirely and is perfectly suited, above all, for addictions to opiates. The withdrawal syndrome is very exaggerated and symptomatic, many times it blinds and hypnotizes the person, who comes totally undone and stares blankly into space, convulsing and searching compulsively to consume. The fact that it eradicates the withdrawal syndrome, lets us work later with psychotherapy to go deeper and find the cause of the addiction; by neutralizing the most symptomatic part that is known as “consumption anxiety”, “monkey” or “craving”, so that the demolition of the addictive structure can be accessed.



We have performed many treatments with a previous preparation of 15 days and/or with a subsequent integration of 15 days to strengthen the effect and integrate it more deeply into daily life. According to each case, some people take a daily mini dose of iboga for two weeks prior to the retreat, and at the end of the 2 weeks a session is made with the complete dose, within a contained and supported environment, at the retreat. Also, the daily dose for integration can be continued by taking a mini dose of ayahuasca during the subsequent 15 days.

We use iboga (natural) and also in some retreats ibogaina. In countries where ibogaina, a derivative of the natural plant of iboga, is not prohibited we utilize it for strengthening the process. There are two derivatives, which are the purified ibogaina, that contains 3 alkaloids – one of which is ibogaina and the ideal to work with detoxification of drugs. However the complete ibogaina alkaloid has 12 alkaloids, one of those is ibogaina. This last one is ideal for psychotherapeutic work and spiritual connection.

In retreats with iboga, we give the option that on the last night the participants that have come out of their process can have a mini dose of ayahuasca at nighttime to complete the integration process.



Iboga decided to leave Africa and to roam the world more than 30 years ago; it has already taken its first steps which have opened the way to scientific research and to helping thousands of people (studies like the one done in Sao Paulo produced an 80% success rate with addictions). There have been several documentaries and movies. Thousands of people testify to its amazing effectiveness. Now that it is already demonstrated as being the most powerful tool for any addiction and that, in addition, it revitalizes the body and soul of whoever takes it, the moment has arrived for worldwide expansion, accompanied by medical and psychotherapeutic work, performed responsibly and personalized by the team of facilitators of Inner Mastery International.


We will host this retreat in our 14 houses in the Americas and Europe.

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