We start 2018 with a unique, exclusive and original proposal: workshops or retreats of 1 or more days in your own home.

This service is a great boom for many people who want to have the Ayahuasca experience with in their own home, or in an exclusive place of their choice; guided by expert facilitators, and with the guarantee that the Ayahuasca that will be taken is 100% pure, brought from the Colombian jungle and made by shamans. We also supplement it with other natural substances such as: Kambó, Bufo Alvarius, Yopo…

Facilitators are trained by the European School Ayahuasca and supervised by the directors of the  Ayahuasca International organisation.

We guarantee privacy and total discretion. We have carried out this type of service for many years, for famous or renowned personalities who do not want to share their identity with other people. Therefore, we provide a written document in which we promise to keep the name and surname of whoever hires us secret.

Although we have been offering this service for many years and we are now extending it to everyone because we already have a solid team of facilitators and a growing number of requests from people who do not want to have the experience in a group or with people they don’t know.

It can be done for one person, or for groups of friends or families.

We offer facilitators in several languages or with translators. As well as masseurs, systemic therapists and if necessary, cooks.

On any day of the week and at any time of the month.

We also offer the possibility of holding these private meetings with Ayahuasca & Psychotherapy in very special places. We have 12 houses in America and Europe or different options with private boats.

Costs charged for this service are fees for the provision of facilitators and their displacement and  work of accompaniment, music and psycho-therapeutic integration (we do not charge anything for Ayahuasca or other medicines, but rather for the services we offer. The shamanic medicines are a gift from the jungle to humanity). We also give Ayahuasca dilutions to take for a month every day in order to continue the process smoothly on a day-to-day basis. You can ask for more information or hire this service by writing to [email protected]; or by completing the following form:

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