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NEW HOLISTIC EPICENTRE IN MARBELLA A house just 50 meters from Cabo Pino


7 rooms with private bathroom, several activity rooms, massage cabin, sauna and aesthetics, swimming pool, temazcal, chill-out, surrounded by trees and natural spaces. We present the new headquarters of Beyondinner in Marbella, a comfortable and spacious place where we carry out all kinds of activities for your personal development and inner evolution. It is located 10 minutes from Marbella in Cabopino beach, a fantastic site 50 meters from the beach. Additionally, it is conditioned so that you can also reside in our community with the possibility of being part of our team of collaborators and facilitators. Within the activities that we carry out within our headquarters in Marbella. Inner Evolution Retreats with the use of Ayahuasca Vital Energy and Detox Retreats Free Dance Activities Training retreats for those who want to train in our method. Mystical retreats where we open the door to mystery Barbecues, festivals and much more. For more information you can visit the official website of the Epicenter of Marbella. https://innermastery.es/interior-evolution-retreats-in-marbella Do you want to experience true freedom? Rediscover the path to your soul, because the only way out is inward. A unique and exclusive proposal for seekers who want to rediscover their essence; expanding the consciousness and opening the heart THE INNER EVOLUTION RETREATS ARISE. For people looking for new options at a time when the world is getting much more complicated. Personal problems become more complex. Where the use of creativity is essential to find spontaneous solutions, this effective proposal emerges and is reaching the whole world. In dozens of countries on the 5 continents we offer the possibility of expanding consciousness, strengthening the body, opening the heart and deepening the blockages that prevent us from personal fulfillment. Get to know our calendar of activities: https://reservas.innermastery.es/eventos-marbella/ [email protected]

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