An experience based on the meeting of souls that wish to express themselves

A human being of great purity, Darwin Grajales transmits this in his music therapy workshops. They are an innovative experience in which he engages his Being to create a space where he can express his compositions from his heart. Where he can inspire people to express the song they carry inside their hearts. The song of our unique and in-transferable life.

It is an experiential and empirical, not a theoretical workshop. It is meant to be lived both individually and collectively at the same time in order to connect all participants and to make them aware of the how unified we are. Darwin makes use of his musical expertise to encourage participants to follow their intuitions so that they may sing and compose for themselves. Anyone with an open heart is capable of expressing what they feel in a song.

Darwin will be sharing and teaching about the experience he accumulated in years of participating as a musician in Ayahuasca sessions guided by different shamans in Colombia, and in various workshops where he works on music and Ho’oponopono.

His knowledge about the shamanic world-view and the elements that surround us plays an important role in his workshops and in how he shares the millennial Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’oponopono, on which his workshops and music are based. They are an experience worth living in this life.

Emotions flow through participants constantly and intensely, shifting from profound and emotional moments to joyful and happy ones where laughter takes over, allowing us to relax and meld together to become one.

Darwin’s songs are inspired in Ho’oponopono, an ancestral philosophy based on four key concepts that are the foundation of all conflict resolution: “I’m sorry”; “Please, forgive me”; “Thank you”; “I love you.”

His music is a call to forgive, to be thankful and to feel love for existence. His way of sharing Ho’oponopono is as special as he is. He embodies it. It is his way of life and how he reaches people’s souls with a message that allows them to feel what is happening to and around them.

The workshop’s atmosphere of healing and openness is beautiful beyond words.  Something that you must live and experience yourself. I already did it which is why I can confidently suggest and guarantee it. This is a unique opportunity to attend this workshop that is on tour around Latin America and Europe.

Victor Jimenez



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