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ELEVATING THE QUALITY OF BEING. Identification limits us, while recognising the need to evolve enriches us.


Is personal development possible without recognition of the need to improve?

(The limitations of identification, part one)

There is a very particular profile of people who are followers or practice some method that induces a mode of consciousness or the search for the awakening or expansion of consciousness; these people may present themselves as: “I am a Buddhist”, “I am a coach” , “I am spiritual”, “I am a therapist, teacher or guru”. These identifications do not pose any problem if they do not cause a closing up or resistance to continue growing, or as long as they don’t increase the distance we already have between people. One of the consequent reactions which is manifested in this profile of people who are identified with their therapeutic or spiritual achievements is the sense of self-sufficiency; taking for granted that they do not need anything for their personal development and personal improvement. To believe that we have already achieved everything and that there is nothing else to do is a fallacy that only stands to put us into a place of mediocrity.

All identification is essentially limiting because it draws a border between what is safe and what is unknown, between what is known and the mysterious, between what is comfortable and the surprises of life. By identifying ourselves with what we have studied, what we do, know or believe we have achieved, we disconnect ourselves from the real and internal needs that we have, especially if we work with other people who also need support.

You can identify yourself with a philosophy, method or religion, but with this do not close yourself to the possibility of evolving from within.

The Conscious School® offers you the possibility to take that step towards conquering spaces of deeper understanding to be able to share this with other people, in any way and in any situation; it can be in a professional practice or simply as a couple or family, because definitively we are each coming together to share with others, and we have nothing to give other than the level of internal quality that we have reached. This process never ends, it is alive and dynamic.

Alberto José Varela

In the cover photo there are almost 40 people dedicated to facilitate, integrate, support and accompany personal growth processes in others. The picture is from a retreat held in Milan from Monday 25/3/2019 to Wednesday 27/3/2019 which was dedicated to the team, because we know that when a therapist grows internally they are capable of giving greater possibilities of evolution to those they attend.

Module 2 of training deals precisely with the issue of deprogramming identifications, in order to establish healthy and direct contact with others.


Upcoming retreats will be help in Madrid, from Monday 29/4 to Wednesday 1/5 and from Friday 3/5 to Sunday 5/5 (you can also stay all week). These Conscious School® retreats are directed by Alberto Varela and accompanied by expert integrators and therapists.

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