We share a testimonial about what our eyes see each weekend.

In addition to personal testimonials from participants, we are now going to publish  testimonials and opinions of witnesses. Of those who facilitate the experience. Because they are the ones can see everything that happens at the moment of the Ayahuasca experience from the other side.

After having seen hundreds of people I can state with a 100% certainty….

That drinking Ayahuasca is to meet inner truth. It is an experience of unique self-exploration in which the consciousness expands and the heart opens to generate a more transcendental vision about each person’s life.

Ayahuasca produces a reconnection with love to oneself and others. It provides great balance with nature and directs people to a state of forgiveness and love in which guilt and grudges stop being prominent. This enables a new way of living in peace which is helping thousands of people to leave the past behind and create a present in which they feel much happier and much more fulfilled.

Victor Jimenez

International Ayahuasca Facilitator, Levante, Catalunya and several European countries.

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