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BIG SURPRISE IN A NEW TRAINING PROGRAMME. The launch of the first module of the Conscious School® Diploma


The world tour has already started in Barcelona, and these are the first topics and testimonials summarised.


These are ‘Some’ of the topics we have discussed in depth at this 3-day retreat:

  • Innovation, creativity and the inventive essence focused on an approach that brings something special.
  • The creation of a personal laboratory that implements a unique, exclusive and original method.
  • Remembering what the soul already knows. Recovering the memory of who we are. Rescuing inner wisdom.
  • The word entheogenic, the psychology of communication and the semantics of evolution.
  • Only the lie can receive therapy. The truth only needs a free space to express itself.
  • The most refined self-deception is the belief that there is no self-deception.
  • Transforming the search of the inner teacher into inner mastery as an evolutionary process.
  • Between the search and initiation is the great leap of surrender, unconditional surrender.
  • The most refined comprehension is self-compassion. To comprehend oneself is to heal.
  • The need to return to the origin of the search to initiate a true and authentic process.
  • Playing comprehension with Transcendent Healing and No-Therapy.
  • The word in the moment, presence in the space and experience as backup.
  • The fourth dimension: the field of comprehension, the power of mystery comes to visit us from beyond.
  • The struggle and the complementing of the limitation and potentiality.
  • The different realities in which human beings live and the available options.
  • The true personal story of how Alverto Varela has created this method.
  • The master code of 9 premises that open all the doors of comprehension.
  • Triangular designs as portals of a new world-view.
  • Principles, foundations and bases of the Inner Evolution method @
  • Quantum physics, astro-biology, psychology and spirituality at the service of human transformation.


I would like to share what this first conscious school module has been for me. I am ever more comprehending what that space means, how to create it and what it implies.

It was not about learning to enter the other, it was about letting the other enter me.

It was not about having information to understand, but an open heart to welcome and comprehend.

It was not about trying to do anything, but letting everything happen.

It was not about going anywhere, but comprehending that I was always there.

It was not about turning lead into gold, but about remembering that lead was always gold.

It was not about trying to become someone, but accepting that I can be everything.

It was not about you accompanying me, but about me accompanying you.

It was not about asking, or about making demands, but about giving, giving and giving.

It was not about you, not even me, but about all of us, what we co-created.

It was not about filling myself with knowledge and practices, but rather about learning to manifest that emptiness, where you can just be, where you can see yourself, where remembering who you are is possible.

It was not even about walking beside you, but about throwing myself into space and flying.

It was not about jumping together, but about jumping, each one at his own pace.

It was not about helping you or saving you, but about remembering that I am and you are free.

It was not about learning to be a teacher, but about calling for mastery, not getting caught up in the role and dis-empowering myself and you.

It was not about what I want to do in my life, but what life wanted to do with me.

It was not about making love, but love was made through me.

It was not about learning to be a magician, but knowing that magic had created you.

Nor was it, much less, to comprehend what existence is, but to allow existence to be known through me.

It was not about winning, but rather about surrendering.

It was not even about surrendering, but of recognising that non-surrender is not even possible. We are already in the dance of life.

In the process of remembering what kind of therapist I want to be or not to be, that is always the question. It is time to allow myself to flourish, to stop generating resistance so that my potential can emerge.

Ana Parfión


ITALY – MILAN: MON. 18/02 to WEDS. 20/02
SPAIN – MADRID: MON. 04/03 to WEDS. 06/03


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