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ARTICLES THAT BREAK THINGS DOWN. When a few assertive words are heard by a consciousness that is awakening, the unforeseen occurs.


By understanding the relationship between self-destruction, suffering and illness.


I will say that something in the article on “De-programming the destructive perversion of suffering”, which I read a few days ago, caused in my body certain sensations and a deep I-don’t-know-what…

A few weeks ago I found myself in a situation where my body told me: Enough!
Then I was doubled over. I turned to a chiropractor who re-aligned my lumbar vertebrae. I was pinched in the 4th and 5th vertebrae, which was giving me pains in the knees, feet and hips; I had stiff toes and even my jaw was twisted out of alignment. Well, what can I say … I left the chiropractor’s office and burst into tears as I understood the perverse self-destruction process that I was engaged in. Why? Because this situation and behaviour is more than 15 years old; emotional and physical destruction, abandonment of myself, etc thank you, thank you, thank you!


Why can words trigger bodily discomfort, physical blockages and pain? In reality, this discomfort was already hidden in the body, simply they hadn’t been allowed to be felt. In the future they could have turned into serious diseases. They had been repressed, creating energetic blocks and internal suffering. In the moment that this woman who sent us her letter realized that she held a negative attitude towards herself, the trigger occurred, the body suddenly felt that it had the right to express itself, it spoke and said something blunt: ENOUGH! For this reason the body suddenly got blocked, but that picture of pain and rigidity was already there before, simply it was not yet manifested in the physical, but in mood and emotions. It served to suffer.

When an internal reality is seen from consciousness, this physical outcome generally does occur. The mind that controls everything cannot control the phenomenon of awareness. The moment the body grants itself the right to express what it feels, the person enters into the comprehension of what is happening to them. The body becomes a path of transformation when we allow it to express itself and when we listen to it. Although in principle that internal discomfort is transformed into physical pains which may even immobilize the person, it is in fact a liberation and is part of the healing process.

Being aware of self-destructive attitudes, allowing discomfort to manifest in the physical and emotional planes, and then comprehending the relationship between suffering and being dead in life; for refusing to enjoy it, for nullifying the possibility of being free, for having forgotten to listen ourselves in time, for leaving ourselves until last in line, or for not allowing ourselves to be ourselves.

The gratitude that arises is a result of realizing that it is not something that is given from the outside, but that something external triggers it, in this case it is THE WORD – having read an article, sometimes it is a book or having heard something that opens the consciousness – and with that, the body, emotions, expression also open. Everything that was closed suddenly opens. Faced with this, there is not much to be done, because the whole system of internal transformation begins to do its work from the inside out from the moment that consciousness begins to awaken.

That is why I affirm that when the time comes to comprehend, there is nothing to be done, we are trapped in the power of consciousness, which comes to make us realize the things that are not right in our life, in our body and in our behaviours.

This is the moment to understand the imperative need for inner transformation.

Questions like: What should I do? How can I solve this? How do I continue? are not compatible with a process of inner evolution. Rather, we can simply enter into a place of observation without judgment, to contemplate what happened without rejecting it, being able to see the intimate relationship between the past and the present, allowing consciousness to create the necessary situations so that transformation occurs spontaneously and naturally. It is taking the first steps in the art of trusting.

Meditating is a way of trusting the processes that open up with the goal of healing us.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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