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AN ENCOUNTER WITH A STRANGER, AND WITH THE UNKNOWN. I am reaching people who want to start the journey towards mystery.


“Nothing can help me.” “Nobody will save me.” “Nothing works.” Wonderful words that I heard from Alberto Varela last night at the Conscious School seminar in Berlin.

Good morning, I’m sitting on the train traveling back to Cologne, Germany, and still in process after being at the Conscious School Seminar in Berlin. What can I or should I say …? A miracle has happened, and it is still happening. I am in contact with something in me that I had not felt for a long time. The words that I heard in my past had to be eliminated. Thank God. Has it been true? I have heard, read and said so many things, everything to get to where I am now, in this moment of my life.

Alberto Varela talks about things that I already know. Where do I know this from? These expressions had reached me before from inside of me without my knowing where they came from: “Nothing can help me”. “Nobody will save me.” “Nothing works.” Wonderful to hear this finally; a confirmation of my failure that all efforts were and will be in vain. No wonder I am disappointed with all of the methods, with myself as a student and, of course, with my life. But at the same time there is something else in these words, what else am I hearing? … an invitation for me, that it is possible to free myself; to get out of the jail, which I have taken refuge in and don’t want to say goodbye to. I am painfully aware that I have the bars in my hands, nothing more; there is no anchor, no concrete wall, no guards or barriers. No, the bars that lock me away… No, it’s me who clings to them. There is nothing new, I know, but something new is happening in me on its own.

There was a question that Alberto asked me and the answer to that has brought on an avalanche. My avalanche, is my starting point here and now. I have often decided something without changing anything, but now it is changing, it is happening. I do not know where the journey is going, but I’m on the train. Thank you, ❤


Attendee of the Conscious School Seminar.

UPCOMING SEMINARS WITH ALBERTO VARELA (Founder of Conscious School®) up to September 2019 in Israel, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Cote d’Ivoire, France, Holland, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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