Ailen Varela, a growing family…

Only two months ago this blog was launched. We have already been visited by over 70.000 people and we are now a team of almost 10 collaborators, carrying this project forward. In a few days, translations into English and Italian will be carried out. We have opened the Premium Zone for access to exclusive and deeper content, and with the possibility to download books by Alberto Varela, and more goodies which I will let you know about later.

Although we will present each of the partners who lead this page and blog, today it’s my turn.

My name is Ailén Varela. I am one of Alberto’s five daughters, and I would like to introduce myself as I am the one responsible for coordinating the publication of posts in various languages and of responding to users’ questions and queries.

I want the readers of this blog to know that I will gladly receive your questions or any doubt that may arise, as well as any suggestions.

For me it is very gratifying to be in contact with those interested in my father’s blog, to be able to work on something that inspires me, and makes me grow. I am at your full disposal

If there is any question of particular interest, you can also contact me on my private email ([email protected]), given that as well as publishing content every day, we give information about the experience with ayahuasca, this worldwide phenomenon that is bursting into the most varied spiritual and therapeutic movements as well as into all kinds of interested people wanting to travel a natural path to meet the solutions they seek.

Given that I myself have seen how my father created this method of integrating ayahuasca with psychotherapy over 10 years ago, how this method has evolved and grown, and of course, how I myself have been enriched, I feel very happy to join this project.

My father, Alberto, told me that in his last ayahuasca session, in which I also drank ayahuasca, and which was given by the Jojoa taitas (shamans) who visited us from the Colombian jungle, he was able to see and feel the need for his children to support him and to be integrated into this international project of expansion of consciousness. My brother, Elian, is already collaborating with my father, and now I join them as well.

I was already part of the blood family, but from now on I also have the honour of taking part in this beautiful spiritual family of over 50 people from many countries.

Thank you all wholeheartedly for your support, to this family, and to the readers of this blog.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this team.

Ailen Varela

[email protected]


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