This choice goes well beyond what it appears, with regards to whom to take Ayahuasca with, the day you decide to take it.

There are some, thankfully not many, ayahuasqueros who suggest that you have to be VERY CAREFUL when deciding to take Ayahuasca; they love to create FEAR and MISTRUST, even though they argue that it is just a cautious attitude. Many times I have wondered “How would an experience with ayahuasca be for people who take the decision about who to do it with from fear and mistrust?”. It seems incompatible, at the very least, that an experience which opens to love and to trust life can be taken from a mind that wants to objectively consider the risks and dangers of a subjective experience, whereby the decision should arise from one’s own feeling without external influences that may condition it

In life, we take all sorts of decisions, most of them with reason, very few from the heart, and this is one of the reasons why us humans are in a mess. Taking objective decisions regarding subjective matters is something that just doesn’t fit.

Taking a decision from the heart or the deepest part of our being doesn’t mean that it will be a wrong or foolish decision, or a deathly one. Simply, there are decisions that need to be taken from pure reason and others from the purity of the heart. These can only be known by feeling.

If you have to decide which restaurant to eat at, it is obvious that if you are vegetarian you will not go to an Argentinian restaurant. If you have to undergo a heart surgery, surely you will not go to a massage therapist. The difference between different types of vegetarian restaurants and different surgeons can be many and our preference over one or the other is essentially subjective.

And of course, if one day you decide to experience Ayahuasca, you are not going to evaluate logically and analytically who to go with, because the decision itself is part of the magic of this experience. Many times it comes at an unpredictable time.

How did you find out that there was going to be an Ayahuasca session in a specific place? Who knows, maybe someone sent you an invitation, or you saw it suddenly an casually when you opened your Facebook profile; and at that moment you start asking yourself many questions related to the mystery, not to philosophy or science. Why did I find out now? What’s the reason I got this information now? Why did they invite me? Something begins to move within the person who comes in contact with the possibility of taking Ayahuasca.

Being a fundamentally spiritual experience, the decision doesn’t belong to the intellect, but to the heart. Who can say that the teacher you have chosen is wrong? In the East they claim that a wrong teacher does not exist, because every student meets the teacher that he/she needs for each moment of his/her evolution.

It’s not possible to be mistaken when it comes to decisions made to answer questions that the mind doesn’t even understand. It’s not possible to make a mistake when it we choose to stop making decision and rather to enter the natural flow. From the very moment that the person begins to trusts, the process of transformation starts. In the moment of taking the decision of who to go and take ayahuasca with, you have already taken it.

This decision goes well beyond what it appears, because it is about listening to the spiritual signs, more than the rational ones.

Many people tell us that they come to take ayahuasca with us because we guarantee satisfaction, because we are on the internet and have many webpages, others say that is because they claim it gives them a security to know that we are legally constituted, or because we have psychologists and therapists in the team, while others find it an important details that we are set up in more than 20 countries. But also they definitely come because someone has suggested to them that they should come with us. And others mysteriously decide to come because they have heard a lot of bad things about the organization and more precisely about me. Many very strange reasons can bring people to take Ayahuasca!

In Berlin, I recently met a couple from Israel who came to take Ayahuasca in Germany and I asked them “Why did you come here to take Ayahuasca?” and they gave a surprising answer: “We wouldn’t have come to take Ayahuasca in Berlin if it wasn’t for you, because we knew you were coming this time and there is so much information against you, so much criticism around Alberto Varela, that we are sure that you must be doing something original and different; we came to discover it”.

From a rational point of view, I am the wrongest ayahuasquero to take Ayahuasca with, however you can’t make the mistake to come and take ayahuasca with me anymore, because I have stopped giving Ayahuasca. Now there are more than 30 facilators and more than 10 shamans who we bring around Europein order to accompany the participants and give the ayahuasca. All of them are part of the same organization AYAHUASCA INETERNATIONAL. Coming to take ayahuasca with us is not coming to take it with SOMEONE, but it is to come and meet with a team of people who will accompany you in order for you to have an experience with your Self.

“WHO SHOULD I TAKE AYAHUASCA WITH?”, there is no “who”… there is a situation, and opportunity, a path, and there are resources that the people who accompany you can use for you to reach the answer: I HAVE COME TO TAKE AYAHUASCA WITH MY SELF!”.

If you know someone who gives Ayahuasca and makes you want to go, please do not hesitate. The worst is to go and take Ayhuasca with doubts. Whoever he or she is, even if not a shaman. These types of experiences are mysterious, enlightening, transformational, for this reason, the less mind you put into the decision, the closer you will be to enter the world of the incomprehensible, where it is possible to find an answer to everything, and wherein one realizes that there was no need to fear or mistrust.

I’m throwing an arrow for your conscience, for your ability to decide for yourself about your deepest issues. And as well, in favor of many ayahuasqueros who have recently been initiated in this type of work, and who do it with their heart, who, even though they are not health professionals, therapists, nor shamans, one day they decided to trust in themselves and the healing capabilities that every human being carries within.

We are dealing with a NON-REGULATED profession, which requires a NON-REGULATED education, because the day it is regulated, it will lose the most beautiful and mysterious parts of this wonderful experience.

Alberto José Varela

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