HELLO EVERYONE! Whether you know me or not … I am allowing myself to be vulnerable in this text that I want to share.

This is my great opportunity to expose  myself.

My name is Ulam Romero García. As I mentioned to some in my personal profile, I am staring a new phase, full of emotion, healing, liberation, transformation, trust, love and compassion.

As many of you know, I have been in the commercial, sales, marketing and advertising world for more than 18 years; 18 years of living between vice and virtue. And I say “virtue” because my charismatic gift has allowed me to enter big companies like, AMEVISA, WOLRD MÉDICA, REMAX, LOOK AND FIND, MOVISTAR, ORANGE, VODAFONE or QDQ MEDIA amongst others. I have always been good at sales and communication and I have had great achievements, although accompanied by bittersweet and rebellious feelings. I felt like a complete misfit. There was always something that made me flee. Running away was my strategy to not get caught up in unhappiness. And I say “vice” -and here I leave myself naked and remove my mask- because in all these years I’ve dipped into different substances such as alcohol, hash, cocaine, ecstasy, and others… And the same thing always happened to me. The feelings of guilt were overwhelming. Hatred, resentment, fear, anger, aggression, selfishness, and many other feelings plunged me into a state of separation and despair. It is the first time that, with determination, I make this statement publicly. And I make it consciously from the place of love and compassion that I have for myself. Some will throw their hands to their head, others will rejoice, it will resonate with others, others will be confronted, and others will not care. The truth is that I care little about what you think or feel because  what I think and feel about myself is more important … WHICH IS THIS HEALING, LIBERATION AND TRANSFORMATION THAT I AM GOING THROUGH.

For almost a year and a half, through an close friend of mine, Raúl Camacho Gómez, I was able to get to know the Ayahuasca Internacional organisation (INNER MASTERY SLU) under the direction of its founder Alberto Jose Valera; a  saner madman than any I’ve met so far. The organisation carries out inner evolution retreats with the use of Ayahuasca and psycho-therapeutic integrations, and other substances of an ancestral and natural medicinal nature. The retreat was the most revealing that I had known so far, because it breathed love, compassion, tenderness, tolerance, without labels or value judgements … With a highly trained team of doctors, psychologists, teachers, facilitators and integrators. When I left there I knew immediately that this was the place for me. I had an unprecedented understanding of acceptance and self-love. In this time I went to 3 retreats, and during the last one, I had the revelation and urgent need to talk with Alberto in order to see the possibility of working with them in something that pushed me to expand/communicate/transmit that knowledge to the greatest number of people. Without hesitation, with his penetrating gaze, we closed the conditions. Here I am friends, I am what I am and what I have to be. To say also that this is the first time that I speak from within, from the heart …

I want to share this wonderful experience with all of you because I have the conviction that the way out is within us, to recover empowerment and scream, FREEDOM!!!

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