Ayahuasca International is the largest virtual environment of information, communication and connection between people around the world interested in ayahuasca and who have already had the experience.

We have several web pages, more than 30 pages on the social network, Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog. We also have companies legally constituted for the organization of the events we propose.

Following the exponential growth of people akin to our proposal, which have become followers, we have become a community-organization, which has given us the journalistic name of The First Multinational dedicated to Ayahuasca.

For us, who have started this venture from the year 2001 which has already become an international movement with over 400,000 fans and more than 1,000,000 visits a month on our pages, WE ARE A TEAM OF PEOPLE MEETING THROUGH A FORCE THAT ATTRACTS AND MAGNETIZES US FOR CARRYING OUT THE MISSION TO LOCATE AYAHUASCA IN ITS PLACE.

Locate it in “its place” in three ways as different as complementary:

1-              Locate Ayahuasca in our hearts, through the gratitude we feel for what it has given us, to share everything we have learned and know first-hand from within with people who want to have an experience with Ayahuasca. We have selected, classified, and quality information, knowing that there is too much information on the internet and a great misinformation as a result that the information is disseminated. So far there was no environment like the one we propose.

2-              Locate our team of facilitators and experts in each place where it is needed, for congresses, conferences, workshops and retreats with psychotherapeutic use of Ayahuasca. We have more than 50 collaborators and associates from more than 10 countries, who are legally and administratively organized under the direction of an interdisciplinary team of directors who depend on a company legally incorporated in Spain, Germany, Mexico and an Italian Cultural Association.

3-              Locate Ayahuasca in its rightful place within the context of the evolution of consciousness work we propose. We place “Consciousness” in the center of the evolutionary process of humanity, not the Ayahuasca because we believe that its place is peripheral, as with any other tool, technique or methods. If ayahuasca takes the stage, and is located in the center, then it is ritualized, sacralized and ends up becoming a source of worship, and not a tool for improvement. Our proposal is to use ayahuasca as a means and not an end in itself

Given that Ayahuasca International is a brand with no legal form, but that is in contact with people who hire services and purchase products, we have commissioned the administration and the logistics company to Inner Mastery International SLU who performs the corresponding contracts, charges and payments, as well as internal training of more than 50 collaborators.

The founder of Ayahuasca International is Alberto Jose Varela, who has ceded all rights to the use and exploitation of Ayahuasca International to the company Inner Mastery International SLU.

Our pages on Facebook in: Spanish, English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Turkish are managed by a team of communications, marketing, graphic design, and video production professionals, as well as health professionals, lawyers and consultants in various business areas, as the organization of events proposed in more than 30 capitals of the world, requires a logistics, human, professional and international infrastructure.

We are passionate about creating the ideal conditions for people around the world to have the ayahuasca experience and so they can integrate it into their daily lives in a healthy way. Each and every one of the people who work in Ayahuasca International are direct witnesses of the infinite personal, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits that we have received through having come in contact with Ayahuasca over 15 years ago.

We are not in the market of commercializing ayahuasca. We do not sell ayahuasca. We do not charge for the ayahuasca we use in the inner evolution retreats we organize. We only organize events related to ayahuasca in countries where their use is not prohibited, and we also support other companies, by diffusing and advertising their websites which also offer similar services with ayahuasca. For instance:

The First European School of Ayahuasca which has joined shamans with health professionals and alternative therapists and teachers, and in which we train and supervise the facilitators who work in conducting workshops and retreats of inner evolution with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca.

The company that organizes trips to the jungle, at least 6 times a year, to go meet with shamans to learn the science of nature. It is a trip for people who want to go to the source where this shamanic medicine was born, and for those who want to be initiated and trained by shamans. Trips are also organized for residents in the UK and France (where ayahuasca is prohibited) so they can have the experience in countries where it is not prohibited.

We are infinitely grateful to all those who follow us, who read us and support us in this effort to expand something that is so tied to our healing. It is a job that is healing us…It is healing our soul and that of thousands of people who are realizing that we were asleep and have awakened following the change of perception that we experienced after drinking ayahuasca.

We know there are many people who have not had the same experience as us, even a few have had a negative experience, they are also part of the research process and the group of humans who are looking for alternative solutions to the ones we’ve always known.

There are many people in the world of Ayahuasca criticizing us, but they are also part of the scientific method in which they play a very important role, of questioning what does not seem right or adequate. We have dared to take many steps in the direction of our heart, and that is perceived as crazy. Following the heart is something we have been doing in many ways throughout life.

Ayahuasca International is a result of having followed the impulse of the heart. They say that everything that is planted in the heart grows wings to fly.

THANKS TO ALL. We are making the expansion of Ayahuasca around the world possible, to enable it to have a conscious and responsible use with psychotherapeutic purposes

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