The main changes that are produced in people after a process of inner evolution with psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca

During a conference, one of the listeners asked me: What is the difference between a person that hasnt gone through a healing process with you yet and one that has?

I will talk about the changes I have seen in participants that have completed a process of three moons, in other words, three retreats in approximately three months, which is what is required to facilitate the implementation of a self-determination energy in people. This energy is result of an inner conquest and of the discovery of a place of personal power that provides them with the necessary strength to make all the changes they crave in their lives and to make decisions towards their own expansion.

The first retreat is the one that catapults the person towards an infinite horizon of new life possibilities, opened in their consciousness and in their heart.

The process of three moons is recommended by shamans and teachers from many schools, and significantly, from  wise and philosophical traditions of history that have their successful therapeutic equivalents in that time period.

From the substratum that my experience has harvested through meeting thousands of people in three years and still being in touch with the vast majority of them, and overall contemplating their evolution with joy, I venture on to present these following points on changes that occur in the process:

CONSCIOUSNESS OF ONE’S OWN CONSCIOUSNESS: All humans have consciousness but not all are conscious of the power that their own consciousness has to dissolve anything that interferes with their life. For example, it’s as if a person were not aware of the multitude of uses of their hands and thought they were only for eating, and later, by living a consciousness expansion experience, they discovered the amplitude of the universe in each finger, nail and line that runs through their palms.

Moreover, people begin to develop the capacity to “catch themselves out”, or better said, the ability to hunt their conditioning in fragnati when it tries to repeat either the past or the defence mechanism that interferes in that moment. Understanding conditioning as being the set of conditions that a person has acquired in their life and that limits them through fear and guilt, making them react in a determined manner that works in itself like an entity of its own that usurps the capacity to decide and to live freely and spontaneously. “To catch oneself out” means that an individual takes a step back every time they react, situating themselves in the place of the observer, to be able to then respond in the unique and original manner that the moment requires.

This allows the person, like detaching them-self from a large and rusty suit of armour full of capricious and crazy mechanisms, to unidentify themselves with their conditioning in order to situate themselves in that which actually is in order to be able to act from a place of sovereignty and the fullness of their own consciousness.

RESPONSIBILITY: This section does not refer to issues such as having to be organized or punctual, but rather to people discovering that responsibility is something much vaster than what is normally conceived of. That it is about taking charge of one’s own wounds, projections and judgements. In that moment they begin to situate themselves within themselves and not in what occurs outside of them, becoming conscious of the interpretations of events in reality and finally taking responsibility for their perceptions.

When this happens an inhibition of the majority of daily conflicts occurs and a great liberation is also felt now that one realizes the conflict was not outside but inside the mind. That is, inside of one’s self. This allows space to be able to manoeuvre from the consciousness and in that way dissolve the battle from the inside.

-DEEP CONNECTION WITH THE HEART: The process facilitates the arrival of tenderness and sweetness in our heart that then flows through the torrent of our voice and of our actions. It is as if there was a change in the PH of our spirit and it passes from acidity, bitterness of corruption and of hopelessness, to the alkalinity of an ocean of possibilities of life and of opportunities to love.

The person moves from the tower of control of the mind to the home of the heart, the place where the inner child lives, who is the only one that with its innocence can guide us through the paths of mystery. Because the heart is the compass that guides us and the authentic oracle to consult.

-LIBERATION OF EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGES: Many people that have been having therapy for a while understand that they are controlling because perhaps their mother was controlling, but that does not stop them from being that way. Understanding occurs in the mind but comprehension can only come from the heart.

With the taking of ayahuasca we comprehend because we experience that which happens to us at the most profound level as it is an intimate visit toward the most sensitive fibres of our being. Those fibres that, with their scream for help, bring us to express the drowning sensation of living in a prison and then to a convulsion of catharsis. This happens because we come closer to ourselves and, even if only for one night, allow ourselves to feel everything with surrender and trust in such a way that we reconnect with ourselves.

Usually, in daily life, the majority of people live far from themselves, judging and not receiving their emotions, which makes them become embedded and in this way, generating blockages. With the drainage of emotion that occurs in the ayahuasca experience, the internal channels are purified and unobstructed, allowing vital energy to flow again with lightness.

The unblocking is not just emotional. People unblock themselves of the blockages of unworthiness that impede them from connecting with the abundance of life. This is the case in sexual unblocking. Many women come because they are unable to feel an orgasm (as an orgasm only happens when control is released, there is a feeling of fear to feel everything which they are scared to feel). During the experience, these women are able to connect with their sexual energy and describe how they feel a playful vibration roaming through them caressing every hidden and erogenous corner of their bodies allowing them a liberation that they can later extrapolate in their relationships.

-HEALING OF TRAUMAS:  When a trauma exists (this does not have to be the consequence of a very painful experience, but rather can be as a result of cracks produced by a series of constant and small hits and blows) a narrative rupture is produced. In other words, the person is internally split into two; what they were before the break happened and what is left after. Ayahuasca makes them realize how they had given all the power to a perception of what had happened, and not to what happened in reality. And that erroneous perception leaves a painful residue of retractable pain and guilt in the person. With ayahuasca we revisit that moment of incomprehension from an expanded state of consciousness in order to see it with the superior intelligence of love which allows us to experience forgiveness and reconciliation.

After this process, the person does not only experience an internal re-union, but also the past which they used to deny now begins to be nourished and make sense It makes them realize that the guilt they felt was only a belief system. They finally begin to reconnect with that dignity and  innocence that was substituted by a false dignity and freedom before.  Uncertain vapours that blocked those precious original values. It is a process that allows them not only to recover but to evolve.

-SENSITIVITY: The electric cascade of sensations that an open heart offers us evaporates suspicion and makes the absurd sense of life disappear like a dry question of the mind. It is then that “the feeling of life” appears, a feeling that occasionally presents itself and by divine grace in order to live experiences of momentary and exuberant joy.  A blessed bliss where the feeler and the feeling become one.

-PERCEPTIVE AMPLITUDE: “Life is seen in another color”. It is literally like that as the perceptive channels of our cavern are cleaned of the greyish dust of obscurantism that blinded them and they begin to breathe, see, touch, feel, taste, smell and caress, with the delicateness of a soft and romantic dance. Even colours are more vibrant!

-TRUST: The ayahuasca session is a laboratory. For one night we suggest people let go of their need to control, to search, to fight. We tell them to surrender  to the experience with trust and that they give in to their feelings in order that they may be taken over by the greatness of their being. For this reason, even though we give the same dose to every person, we find people who are unable to give up control the whole night and therefore are unable to connect, and others who trust and live the best experience of their lives. When that miracle occurs, the person inevitably asks themselves:

“If for one night of my life I trusted and lived something like that, what would happen if I lived my whole life trusting?”

Realizing that the deepest medicine was not in the brew but in one’s own attitude leaves an imprint. Now the person comprehends that it is not that trust is a means to an end, but that trust is the end itself. An authentic gift of great intrinsic value that no one but ourselves denies us. Trust is “The experience”, the most profound link that can be established in life. The true channel through which the torrents of love and comprehension can flow with momentum.

Sometimes expectations block experience. In this case, a previous disappointment of what was expected is needed in order for us to be surprised by the majesty of that which is beyond what one can ever imagine on the second night. And it is because whoever takes refuge in their expectations is waiting. And to wait is to fight. The complete opposite of trusting. To wait is to imagine and pretend from a place of arrogance. An I know what should happen. It is to close oneself off adamently to kick around for our whims and false desires which does not allow one to be open with humility to receive what we need and crave so much.

-GRATITUDE: When trust in life is developed, everything that occurs begins to be perceived as medicine that we can integrate if we open ourselves to it. A person that drinks ayahuasca vomits to purge them-self, but it could be that the person thinks that the vomit is due to having been poisoned, why not? Nevertheless, their trust leads them not to contend with that thought, and that non-fight is what allows them to cross that process of liberation that flows from healing. That emotional vomit also leaves an imprint. It will be something that we remember when life brings us nauseas through those moments that are difficult to comprehend and to go through. So that even from a place of incomprehension, we will open ourselves up to be taught by that great teacher that is existence, and that nausea and that confusion will shake the foundations of our convictions and beliefs. In that way our interior wisdom will emerge with strength.

-SENSE OF HUMOR: Transcendence brings with it a undoing of seriousness, something like feeling that death is certainty of life and that the absurd is at the same time pregnant with madness and doesn’t make sense. A madness that heals everything and that makes us implicate ourselves in the role and at the same time play it with freely, laughing at the tremendous joke that we intuit is clearly behind a lot of things that occur so that it is impossible not to burst out in laughing at such a spectacle.

Bufo Alvarius, the medicine of the toad  that we also offer in our retreats enables the peak experience of total unity where death does not exist and everything is completeness. This experience implants in you a fertile certainty which triggers the laughter of this new humour. This carefree laughter helps a lot of people detach themselves from their constrained reality and dis-configure the clogged norms in their lives.

-CREATIVITY: Not only is artistic originality awoken (consequence of returning to the origin of what we are), but the entirety of life becomes a creative and beautiful challenge. W e become artists of maximum purity whose works are our lives.

-TRANSCENDENCE: While transcending means to cross a bridge from the small mind that does not comprehend to the consciousness that embraces everything in her breast of comprehension, resolving is to construct efforts and struggles in the small mind in order to find a solution to a problem that it has created itself. People that carry out a process of inner evolution begin to transcend, liberating themselves of the frustration that is produced by the constant resolution and reparation of a personal image that is not anything more than the mask of a persona that was created to defend itself from life and from others.

All of these changes are the results of a process of inner evolution that is awoken when we make contact with our deepest being and everything begins to transform. What occures is the collapse of walls, stifling props and the grotesqueness of theatre, to give way to an immeasurable space where it is possible to navigate in peace.

If you feel that you are in one of the most difficult moments of your life, our experience tells us that it is the ideal moment to take the leap as when emotions surface this favours the process of connecting with oneself. When frustration overcomes fear it is the moment to jump from the false idea of insecurity painted by our mind about what the experience will be, towards the pleasure given by that vertigo of liberation of being brave and of adventuring to ride with the destiny of our heart.

That is moment to get away from that maddening decision-making limbo of “yes” or “no”, where the same thing always happens and where we falter until exhaustion and indolence of looking for arguments for and against. It is the moment then to let ourselves fall towards the refreshing sea of our immensity where we will be freed of the suffocating heat of grief.

All of these changes are produced in people that adopt an active attitude in their healing process and that are consistent with everything they comprehend during this process. The attitude of receptivity and compliance toward one’s own consciousness is truly what makes all of these capacities blossom as what the inner teacher is activated. Change comes from the inside and produces an existential earthquake where enthusiasm and motivation blossom in the sparkle of eyes that have a look of astonishment.

If you have a question about something that is happening to you and you want to know how we can help you to heal, write an email to:

psicologí[email protected]

Sergio Sans Navarro

-Facilitator and integrator in processes of expanded states of consciousness

-Clinical psychologist

-Teacher at the European School of Ayahuasca

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