A man who, at one time was a participant in our retreats, addicted to substances and lost in despair, is now one of the best facilitators and integrators in our organisation.

My name is Victor Jimenez. Over three years ago, after an endless search of many years trying to find some answers to life that I did not find anywhere; I was living a moment of deep existential void that had derived into a self-destructive behaviour in which drugs and alcohol were the only things that allowed me to escape from a world I did not understand and in which I felt lost and isolated.

I decided to go to an Ayahuasca sessions without really knowing the motives for doing so, but trusting that maybe this could show me something else about myself and life and thus comprehend myself a little better.

The result was much greater than I had dreamed, I lived a marvellous spiritual experience in which I cried for hours and comprehending where all my suffering was coming from, I saw who I was and was not and discovered the characters I had created as a defence mechanism and that had taken over my life, ruining it in the shadows without me noticing.

Some months later, I felt that my self-improvement path was not over and started an intensive process of transformation through Retreats of Inner Evolution with Ayahuasca and Psychotherapy organised by Inner Mastery. Very shortly I discovered what had happened to me in every moment of my life, every experience, every relationship, every difficult moment, and every stage of my past. I reconciled completely with myself, with everybody, with my past, and comprehended everything about why people around the world have the need to drink or consume drugs in spite of the consequences that this generates when having an addiction. I comprehended everything about how an addiction originates, what sustains it, what are the real motives that cause millions of people around the world to become addicted to something.

After comprehending all this and healing my addiction from its root, I knew that many things that are told about addictive behaviours are not real and that there is the possibility and necessity of proposing a new working model for overcoming addictions; but I also realised that I myself had to do that proposal. So I started training as a facilitator in the European School of Ayahuasca and followed my process with Ayahuasca and Psychotherapy, apart from that I started studying on my own everything related to addictive behaviour and training myself to support people in their own processes. Over a year ago, with a clinical psychologist, I created a specific retreat called “Healing addiction from its root with Ayahuasca and Psychotherapy”, which is part of a Recovery Program that he have been creating and which I personally direct.

I have visited many countries and cities with this working model that is completely innovative and is based in discovering the true roots of addiction and that the person takes a conscious decision about wanting or not to heal in a definitive way.

Most people with addictions do not know the motives that lead them to repeat systemically this behaviour; they are anchored on guilt and other emotions that only remit momentarily with the repetition of the addictive behaviour. The work with Ayahuasca expands the consciousness and makes people much more conscious of what happens to them, this allows them to retake the reins of their lives and value if the moment has really come to make a transformation in their lives, or on the contrary realise that they do not want to change or never wanted until now, and that too is great progress.

Many people have achieved, after an intense process of healing, to remove their addiction from its root and now live happier and in peace. In my case, I have been like this for three years.

We are proving that it is possible to heal addiction, but to achieve that it is necessary to focus on the important and leave the superficial aside. People who have an addiction in reality, although it looks like the opposite, seek liberation; liberation from feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviour patterns acquired unconsciously or imposed by the conditionings in family, education, friends and society in general. The problem is that when trying to liberate themselves in an erroneous way; they are enslaved by that which provides relief to the anguish and emptiness they feel in their lives. It is like if they escaped from a cage that is really inside a bigger cage and in the end they are trapped in a spiral without an exit.

This is why in our RECOVERY PROGRAM we recognise the human need for searching something beyond of what entraps us, and we do not pressure people to leave their addictions using mechanisms of repression like fear or guilt to coerce them or to contain the problem. Rather, we support them to realise where their jail is coming from, we inspire them to connect with their innate resources and values, because in this way the addiction will stop naturally, it will go away because it is no longer useful or necessary for the individual.

Presently, after my work with hundreds of people, they ask me a lot about these retreats in all of South America, which is why I will be a few months in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina supporting in all our retreats anyone who wishes to discover more about his/her addictions and is willing to start a real process of limitless life transformation. Starting May 18, I will be in Tepoztlan and Mexico City.

Also from 11 to 22 July I will go to Putumayo in the Colombian Amazon, to perform a treatment that heals addictions complementing my therapeutic work with the energetic cleansing work that the shamans with whom we will take Ayahuasca perform. This is a unique opportunity of achieving a true process of transformation to which people from any country in Latin America may attend. I will be with a group of people that come from Mexico supporting this wonderful experience which is realising who you really are and what you want in life, supporting everyone who wants to open the heart to the possibility of living freely, in peace, and thankful with a new dawn every day of their lives. If I did, you can too.

I only have words of gratitude to express what I feel and that is what I will share in Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, and the rest of the countries that I will visit in this life experience.

See you soon

Víctor Jiménez

+34 691 223 788

[email protected]


[email protected]

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