Are we willing and open to enter inner spaces that are sources of pain for us?

To be conscious that “humanity” is devolving is compatible with the fact that we are also evolving, even consciousness of devolution is part of the evolution of consciousness.

Many people are not conscious that the world is going backwards in vital and fundamental ways. Hunger, wars, exploitation, misery, inequality, illnesses that most humans are suffering across the world, are proof that we are not making progress.What is the point of technological development if there are more and more people suffering? If we add to that, that there enough resources to resolve 90% of the causes of suffering in the world, but we don’t do it; and in addition consider the horrible ecological neglect and mistreatment of our planet, we can conclude that evolution is absent.

Human beings are born with similar characteristics to the rest of animals, but due to having consciousness of themselves, the environment and their own existence, possibilities to either grow and go beyond animals or to fall in the profound misery from the dominant interests that lead to enslaving others open up. In this way we put ourselves in a lower position than any insect or animal. In this sense we are far less that any little animal.

It is very hard to recognise that even though evolution of consciousness has been possible  for a few human beings in history, for most people it has not been possible. In this sense we are part of a conflicting and painful phenomenon: the involution of the human species.

People who are truly evolving, being conscious of the upcoming disaster to the point of extinction and mass suicide, are adopting different positions in the face of these facts. Some people are doing something to stop this chaos. Others only watch the demise of a civilisation whilst they meditate. Others are saving themselves, creating living models, survival, family and spiritual education, keeping themselves separate from the suicidal tendencies of humanity.

Involution has lead us to kill for the sake of killing, without the need to eat the prey we kill. It has led us to kill ourselves. One million people complete suicide each year, one every 20 seconds. Involution has led us to self-destruction. But there are many people in the world who are working to break this materialistic, suicidal and destructive tendency.

 The Conscious School aims to shed light on the historic moment we are living in as contemporary of an epoch in which for people. Which, although it is hard to believe, is difficult for us to see and feel what we are doing with our hearts. WE DON’T REALISE THAT WE ARE HEADED TOWARDS A CLIFF EDGE.

If you allow me, I would like to express something as a suggestion: Open your heart, gather the courage to feel your own pain, deep in your anguish and dare also to consider others’ suffering.

When we open ourselves up to feel existential anguish, to face the pain and suffering that we must experience, is when we start to empower ourselves. Avoiding feelings of anguish helps us to develop escape mechanisms and   attitudes of cowardice because we don’t want to face what makes us suffer. Those feeling are so painful, deep and uncontrollable that we do what we can to control them or at least to avoid them.

Everything that we deny and we refuse to face is what controls us. If we confront what dominates us and we dare to enter and feel, we will experience a transformational event, because we will be able to overcome anguish. We will be able to do something about it by ourselves, and we will be able to join actions of liberation from human suffering.

Consciousness gives us the possibility of being conscious of our internal states. No matter what they are and no matter how strong they are, they can be observed from a place of  dis-identification, creating distance and not allowing them to own us.

Evolution is the increase in complexity oriented towards the complexity in everything that comes to us or happens. The complexity of consciousness creates powerful resources for confronting life and existence.

Alberto Jose Varela

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