When more than two things are comprehended one begins to create a comprehensive structure with the flexibility and spontaneity to adapt to any surprise…and life is full of them.

The multifactorial origins of existence, of life and of the human being are related to the need for solutions that are as complex as the problems that are created. This means you never know where things will come from, therefore you can not know how to approach them before they manifest. While this obvious, we do not integrate it: you can not know anything before things happen. But in addition, the situation is much more complicated because part of this complexity is that the issues we need to address can not be prepared for in advance either. To enter the mystery, no previous plans are necessary, so we must be alert and open to address what is necessary in each moment and situation; This is the reason why we can not send a predefined programme of topics to be discussed, but rather a set of possible topics that are taken as headlines or signposts into other subtopics.

If we planned these training cycles, where we want to awaken and activate consciousness, with a predefined programme, the issues would already be dead before being treated. They would stink from the rotten smell that comes from calculating and programming before the time and situation come.


Here I present some of the topics that we can discuss, but these are not certain. What is almost certain is that we will deal with a topic or other that is not here. Welcome to the mystery of comprehension.

  • The eternal struggle between the external and internal. Conflict arises outside and grows inside, the solution arises inside and grows outside.
  • The big listening lie. The selective mechanisms of the mind do not let anything new enter.
  • Words are the most powerful weapon and medicine. Do you want to comprehend how they work?
  • The human being is designed for suicide so that nothing essential changes.
  • The change in times confronts us to make a profound transformation.
  • Awakening of consciousness and opening of the heart; a transforming combination.
  • Usefulness that can be extracted from the understanding of complex issues of oneself, life and existence.
  • The tragedy of consciousness. Phases of possible evolution or involution of consciousness.
  • How the process of human degradation that we are going through affects us. Pessimism or magical realism?
  • Recognition of the coordinates that indicate where you are, where you want to or can go, and how to get there.
  • The state and location of the point of the path you find yourself in. If you are on a path.
  • Overcoming limitations and activation of potentiality. The game of human flourishing.
  • The misfortune of identity: What I am; what I believe,want and can become.
  • The false power of empowerment. While we do not know our power, power can not use that which we are.
  • Dethroning false power. Recovery of power through a process of disempowerment.
  • The importance of wanting to stop being important after becoming important.
  • The magical and transformative declaration of impotence. The death of indignation and hatred.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]


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