Lina’s letter, a student who exposes her experience and perception of what she lived

These words of reflection a few days after the first training cycle at the European School of Ayahuasca show that what happens in this school has nothing to do with what is said by those who have not come yet.

“There is a kind of invisible prison in which “everyone” at some time or endlessly has found him/herself feeding and supporting a very well assembled mechanism of subjugation and self-nullification”.
Alberto, not just because, life has put you in prison for a while …. So you detect other people’s prisons quickly. Not just because, have you been criticized and accused, you are the target of those who are in favour of sustaining that slavery…

Hurrah! for the work you do …
Hurrah! For what you have organised .. (the school)
Hurrah! for each outbreak that resonates and wakes people up!
Hurrah! for every boom that threatens the race of manipulators with the risk of more and more free beings in our planet.

Words are not enough for me …

I’m happy just to have been left¨ “perplexed” about myself .. I lived thinking that I more or less knew everything and suddenly boom! .. I am what I did not know. I never imagined that I, Ms. Perfect, so good and full of beautiful feelings and intentions, could be home to such a terrible emotion (judgment) that imprisoned me in an invisible cell of NO PEACE.

I sensed it … and it collapsed, it hurt … and it healed.
How grateful I am to you (and to your team)

How good you are at doing your work …

so sharp in your listening …

your precision in speech …

the calmness of an archer …

the right tension …

that “TALENT” to make the other give birth to him/herself …

with courage in my heart and trembling I’m not sure where, I made the leap…

suiciding my identity …

I let myself die …

to be able to see…
in order TO BE

Admiration is what I feel, and let it be said that you have a natural talent that inspires …

and blessed be the hour when you put it in the service of others ..

Satyr and void judgement, useful mockery mastery …
and with unspoken love, you dissolve veils, destroy structures, achieving more truth, more freedom!

(Me, after my no-therapy ..) it was so what I felt and said inside me:

“I hate you” “I love you” “I hug you”

and then, I express my gratitude and pray:

that there are more people like you …

that many of us learn to live the experience of putting TALENT INTO ACTION.
Holy medicine and I am not only speaking about ayahuasca, but rather about becoming free seeing

glass prisons…. being finally innocent…. riding questions which are not on the way,

that stay and look …..

and they look at me … ..
and they are waiting for me ….

I stop wating….!

I accept that I am part ….

that if a heart smile, all of us smile….
I certify that it is me who has given me the opportunity ….

but however it is you guys who have brought it!

P.S. Paula and Laura, divine women!
Thanks for complicity in the feminine!

the primary wound is ancestral and we all women feel it as in a chain of connected ovaries
generation after generation. Cure and support dance equally as a golden chain of blessing, beauty and love, honouring what we are as sacred females.
Thank you with all my love and a beat in the ovaries.


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