Zaragoza July, 2016

I began with my first Retreat of Inner Evolution through the psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca on July of last year, in Zaragoza, after my son Francisco insisted, and insisted, and insisted.

Oscar Gómez, psychologist of the organization, assisted to arrange the session and guide the integration after it. He offered me a priceless key, help in opening some small crack in my hermetic iron armor. He told me: look for it yourself, only you can discover how to do it. And the answer came swiftly: I can quit smoking.

After 20 days, I had a chance and did not think twice: after 40 years of heavy smoking, I just quit. One move leads to the next, and to the next, and to the one after that… and that is how I changed habits and attitudes in my life without even realizing. Another example is the fact that I went from 6-8 daily cups of coffee to one mid-morning cup. This, and many other eating habits, were things that I knew were not healthy but that, either because of culture of education, I didn’t feel I could let go of.

In one year I have attended 2 retreats, I have gone to the Colombian jungle, to Putumayo and attended to 6 schools. Ayahuasca has shown me all my inner richness. I have felt joined with humanity in the same purpose, I have felt free, I have connected with my own strength and enthusiasm.
I have awaken from my lethargy and I feel alive again.

But it was not only Ayahuasca, but also the perspective that facilitators offer the morning after the session, what they call “Integration” (where we integrate what we experienced during the night.) 

It is focusing on our inner selves. It means taking responsibility for our experiences, stop avoiding the issues and stop victimizing ourselves. All this with the certainty of our own WISDOM, of our own STRENGHT AND OUR LOVE. 

I believe that love is “The Door” that takes me to the Happiness and Joy of being.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards Alberto Varela for making this possible and for bringing Darwin Grajales with his music medicine, towards Darwin for all his love, towards my son Francisco for his love and determination, towards Hendara for his devotion, towards Oscar Gomez for his simplicity and closeness, towards all the team: Laura, Paula, Cesar, Erika, Victor, Sergio, Rosa, Paco, Ramon, Cristian, Bruno, Hugo, Valter, Erik, Michela…….., towards all participants and students, my brothers and sisters.

I feel privileged for having met and enjoyed the care of Taitas, both in Putumayo and in Madrid, Taitas Francisco Jojoa and Fernando Jojoa, Taita Umberto, Taita Marcial and Taita Elmer.

During the last gathering in Madrid, I collaborated for the first time in a session and the experience was deeply pleasing for me. I also confirmed that I can accompany, support and inspire other people, my fellow men and women, as others did with me.

Thanks to the venerable ayahuasca, wise plant medicine for coming to me like this, with such immense attentiveness.

Magdalena Loring García

IN THE COVER FOTO: psychotherapeutic integration moment, with music, meditation, reflections, systemic therapy and group sharing of the experience, guided by facilitators and integrators of INNER MASTERY Y AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL®

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Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. Click the links for specific information on each retreat.

Cologne, July 27 to 30

South Sweden, July 26 to 30

Copenhagen, July 26 to 30

Eindhoven- Netherlands, July 27 to 30

Marbella, July 27 to 30

Rome, July 27 to 30

Switzerland, July 30 to August 11

Marbella, August 2 to 6

Berlin, August 3 to 6

Ibiza, August 3 to 6

Sweden, August 7 to 13

Eindhoven, August 9 to 13

Barcelona, August 9 to 13

Marbella, August 10 to 14

Salzburg, August 10 to 15

Torino, August 10 to 15

Munich, August 10 to 15

Berlin, August 17 to 20

Norway, August 17 to 20

Marbella, August 17 to 20

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