… Of becoming free from therapeutic and spiritual dependencies.

An “entheogen” is a natural substance with healing properties that acts from the level of consciousness, because it amplifies the intelligence transitorily and opens inner spaces for the deep inquiry of one’s own life. It is the equivalent of drinking a therapist with great wisdom or letting an illuminated teacher into the deepest parts of our Being, so that, for a moment, he/she gives us information about ourselves to which we had no access, and gives us very precise instructions on how to solve our problems.

For a world that is generally ruled by reason, it is irrational to consider these kinds of possibilities, but the proof is overwhelming; every day there are more testimonials from people that tell their first-hand experience and the benefits they obtain from the intake of this powerful natural substance. The sister of the French prime minister has been able to overcome a heroin addiction with the help of Ayahuasca; there are thousands of French people verifying in many ways the immense healing power of this plant. It seems contradictory that Ayahuasca is forbidden in France, when it is a natural substance, which does not damage health and even improves it. Our international organisation (INNER MASTERY S.L.U.) has researched the reasons for said prohibition, and we have found reasons related to the fact that the ceremonial use of this substance can promote the creation of sects or ideological groupings, and for that reason it has been legally typified in France. This political choice can be comprehended, in the framework of seeking security whereupon the terrorist events that occurred; in any ideological organisation radical and extremist approaches can emerge. But with the psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca there is none of that, but the opposite, as it is about getting free from external ideological dependencies.

The French people, avid for deep solutions for their ailments or conflicts, are increasingly visiting the Retreats we organise in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Luxemburg and Belgium. Most of them leave France for other neighbouring countries, where it is not illegal, to be experience the expansion of consciousness that this natural medicine offers; others travel to the Amazonian jungle.

We offer this experience, but supported by professional assistance, with a previous medical check-up and with psychotherapeutic support during the process that opens when said substance is ingested. We have many articles in this blog where we explain the reasons for our approach and the success it has in the western world.

Our proposal is reaching more than 15 countries in America, Asia and Europe, we have a team of more than 70 facilitators and therapists, we are assessed and formed by shamans, and we have the support and backup of health professionals.

This blog, with over 5 million readers around the world, has started translating to French a few days ago, with the purpose of extending quality information to the people considering the possibility of coming in contact with the healing power of this plant. Besides, we offer contents that explain the psychotherapeutic techniques that accompany this experience for an understanding of what happens to us and the solution to the problems that beset us.

It is urgent to reconcile with the deepest parts of ourselves to awaken the teacher within, without which we will keep depending on external teachers and gurus, which in many cases end up becoming the radical leaders that manipulate us and spur destruction. Sometimes the destruction is internal creating annulment, and sometimes external projecting violence; in any case the moment has come to centre in ourselves and get free from all the external influence that impinges against life and health of individuals and the human race.

In this blog you will find articles that promote this internal work of emotional and psychological liberation, with the purpose of awakening consciousness.

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You will also find information on the trips we organise to the Amazonian Colombian jungle where we take groups every month to our treatment centre located halfway through the jungle and a small town in the south of Colombia.

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