The attraction that occurs when what is offered coincides with what the souls of others wish to experiment is one of the aspects of the mystery that we can discover.


I call it “experiment” because it is rooted in a part of me that is passionate about experimenting in order to observe and extract valuable information about human beings which in turn serves to refine the design of a method that seeks human transformation. This experiment is a game that I take very seriously.

Ever since I was a child, I used to take my toys apart (all the way down to the last little piece) to figure out how they were built, how they worked and why.  Decades later, I reconnected with that original inclination or virtue, but now focused on people. I have been dismantling myself for 30 years, and in doing that I acquired the necessary skill to take apart the psycho-emotional structure of many different types of humans.

Two aspects I was able to observe during the first years of my self-exploration were my internal and external STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. Also called OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS by different types of emotional intelligence training and NLP. I slowly realized that they were superficial layers of something much deeper and powerful.

As I delved deeper into this self-examination and experimentation through OSHO meditations, I realized that it was actually POTENTIALITY rather than strengths, virtues or opportunities. In the same way they were LIMITATIONS instead of weaknesses, mistakes or threats. I subsequently recognized that there was no external factor: everything was internal.  And a few years ago I discovered that I had to reverse the order, that what comes first are LIMITATIONS (internal), and then POTENTIALITY (internal).  From then on, everything began to magically happen and I blossomed like a flower in spring.

Understanding that limitations rule over potentiality, and that every human being can be everything they want to rests solely on our ability to transcend that which limits us. CONDITIONINGS limit us, and only the power of our SOULS can make us blossom.

The seed of what we are is crushed under huge and heavy rocks and this is the experiment of evolution, where every human being faces the challenge of blossoming in spite of all hindrance, of conditionings, dangers or threats.

The turning point for this blossoming is closely linked with the awakening of our consciousness.

There are a lot of people in the world who are already ready to wake up, whose heart has already been touched and who have heard the call. They are just one thing away from taking the leap to consciousness and a life from a place of healing.

And this “one thing” is what we are going to be dealing with in the Conscious School because it is the point where we humans get stuck: being conscious about the state in which we live and all that is at stake when making such an essential choice. The proof of this of this is the fact that many people make this decision, but the time comes that their resistance is activated, including for those in which this had not yet manifested. And this is where the great confrontation will emerge and that person’s real situation will be revealed.



IN HUMAN BEINGS, POTENTIALITY HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED AND DOMINATED BY LIMITATION. We will not be able to access and use our inner treasure consciously and spontaneously until we can go beyond that which prevents us from deciding, maintaining, blossoming, persevering and expanding. “To be” is a project, not a reality.  Making that dream come true depends on awakening.

Those of us who choose to awaken and make the essential choice of blossoming will be able to create a true network of spiritual and energetic INTERCONNECTION NODES to unite us intimately so that new and better tools, techniques, methods and approaches emerge that are clearly created and sustained by a new class of human being: THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO BE SOMETHING THAT UNTIL NOW THEY HAD DENIED THEMSELVES THE POSSBILITY OF BEING AND BLOSSOMING.

This is the INNER MASTERY EXPERIENCE, a human laboratory that experiments to find transformation, change and the subsequent evolution of our consciousness.

Welcome to the method that I have created and that I want to share 100% with all those that open their hearts to it. This is also a part of my own process of overcoming limitations that prevented parts of me from breaking free.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]


I suggest you dare attending one of the training cycles of the Conscious School, where we will be offering those brave students all the power of experience and the deep knowledge we have amassed over the years.

A part of me believes I should warn you against attending, because there is going to be a lot of confrontation and because I am resisting giving  more of myself. However, another deeper part tells me that this new school is a great opportunity for all those of us that wish to flourish.

[email protected]

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