The illusion of the Internal and External

Many people wonder, why do I need to take something external to do an internal process of personal growth or healing if I have my own resources and awareness to do it?

Most of these people, deep inside, do not admit that outside of themselves there is something that can help them; and if we go a little deeper we may find ourselves holding a grudge on the world, on others, or on the external; that’s why they refuse to let in something from the outside which can help them. Although this is not the only reason for the resistance to the “external” it is part of the possible roots.

On the other hand, there is a misconception about what is external and internal. For example: Oxygen, is it external or internal?

I wonder and I ask you, are we not breathing air every moment, oxygen and prana which are outside? Are we not taking in the sun’s energy that comes from outer space? Are we not eating every day consuming nutrients that feed our cells? Are we not receiving all kinds of messages through words and images we see and hear?

The phenomenon of letting in what is external is essential and inevitable. So why deny ourselves the possibility of consuming medicines that can work with the biochemical processes in our body, or that can push us to expand intelligence, sensitivity and even consciousness? I am referring to allopathic or natural, psychiatric or shamanic medicines.

Everyone needs what they need in every moment of their lives depending on their evolution, understanding and needs, and if the individual is aware and in tune with letting in their body something that they feel can help them, GREAT. Everyone is free to choose and decide. The timing that each human is experiencing and their level of evolution is what will determine every decision they will make. No decision is incorrect.

Transformation from the roots

It is necessary to modify the “internal” biochemistry and psychoemotionality for an internal phenomenon of transformation to occur. Many of those times these processes occur as a result of something beyond ourselves that happens to us in life, and that’s when the storm breaks within us. The events are external, the movement that occurs as a result of this is internal. These are two sides of the same coin.

We are facing an inevitable reality of marvelous and transformative external influences. To some extent we could say that we are the external, or at least we are a result of the external.

These words I am posting on this page are going into your consciousness and causing a feeling, creating an idea, clearing some beliefs you had and maybe from today you will decide to expel them from your mind. This act of reading my writing is part of the game in which you let something external enter within. On the other hand my texts are not mine, everything I write is due to an external inspiration, because I have read, listened to, learned and perceived everything that happens around me, then I process it and transform it into texts.

This is how Ayahuasca, psychotherapy, meditation, etc., work as an energy that enters within in order to activate an internal process. From there you can bring about ideas, beliefs or erroneous misperceptions that wound and condition us. It is a work of deep cleansing of negative, destructive and limiting thoughts. For this reason most people state, after drinking ayahuasca, or meditating or doing a cathartic psychotherapeutic session: “I HAVE BEEN RELIEVED” “I HAVE HEALED” “THAT WHICH TORTURED ME IS GONE” “THE THORNS OF MY SUFFERING HAVE BEEN REMOVED”

The explanation is simple: the body is cleansed, relaxed and predisposed, the heart opens, consciousness expands, healing energy enters within, contacts your soul, and then the miracle happens. Renovation is underway. Light has entered. Darkness must go.

Darkness is not evil or negative, it is the inner state of those who still have not let the light of consciousness in.

Darkness is as external as it is internal, in both places it plays a key role. For example, if in nature there was no darkness, life would not be possible nor the evolution of species. Darkness is protective. It allows sleep and even rest. But human beings can awaken to live life in the light, letting in those divine and warm rays from the outside and which warm our heart to such extent that one day they produce their own light. This inner light that occurs naturally can be shared with others in many ways.

The light is as external as it is internal. Outside, it exists as something so real as the sun itself; within, it exists as the seed of potential. Until we do not reconcile with the external, the passage of light will be blocked or limited. And as we let it in and out, the most transformative exchange that we can experience occurs.

Through this exchange of words, feelings, experiences and ideas, we can experience this transformative phenomenon. Because transformation is a process of change in perception which happens gradually as we open ourselves to what appears to be external.

One day we come to understand that we are a single, unified reality. And when the perception that we are one is settled within, the illusion of division and separateness disappears completely.

It’s the moment when we arrive home.

Alberto José Varela



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