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I have returned home!

Of course it’s a location, it’s Tepoztlan, but more than anything I have returned to a space within myself I call home. The place where I stopped running away, I stopped searching, and I reconciled myself with whatever is, and whatever comes. I no longer need to travel and travel to feel free, nor do I need to live far away to consider myself independent. Today, deciding to go back I feel more free and independent than ever.

Nine months ago, without planning it, or realising it, I undertook a huge internal odyssey. A lot of medicine (in its many forms) and a lot of moving around. So much new family from all over the world which translates to – A LOT OF LOVE everywhere. I am infinitely grateful that I allowed myself to take advantage of the opportunities to empty myself of judgement. Thanks to taking the opportunity to unite with the irreverent madness of the journey of consciousness, guided by all the family at INNER MASTERY, I have learned to light the internal lamp of ‘catching myself out’. And thanks to this exercise I am managing to create a beautiful fabric called: MY LIFE.

Today, returning home, I return accompanied. I added to my life two princesses. Two individuals who have taught me invaluable lessons. Amongst the many comprehensions that these unions  bring me, is to no longer defend myself from love, and to embrace my paternity. Yes, I have been a father for almost 9 years, but it has taken until today to be able to say that I accept this. That this loving instinct shines from inside me effortlessly.

It isn’t over until its over. The expansion of my consciousness will continue until the day that I meet my mysterious death. Perhaps tomorrow this letter will only be charlatanism, or I may want to wipe my bum with it. But today I am sharing it from the place where I am. As I will do so tomorrow.


(Events Coordinator in Monterrey, Ayahuasca International Facilitator, Inner Mastery y Network of Holistic Epicentres Collaborator)

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