Anxiety is synonymous with psycho-emotional, but also spiritual, discomfort. Its solution is as simple as it is surprising.

Life is a navigation through time, we are travelling towards a single destination: death. With every day that passes, we are closer to death and have less days to live, and on the other hand, more days  that haven’t been lived are left behind us. This is the situation that to a large extent gives rise to various daily manifestations of unease.

Depression is anguish that is caused by not having lived enough or in the way we would have wanted. It is a renunciation of life for not having been able to find meaning in it. It is located in a passive place of resignation before the impotence of not having been able to live with the quality and intensity that we would have wanted. It is refusing to continue because of having lost something or someone that had given us the strength to live. In all cases, anguish is a feeling that comes from the relationship with the past.

Stress is anguish in the present, which is caused by not being able to do everything we need and that we demand of ourselves in each and every day and moment. It is wanting to be in another place and not being able to be. It is to wish to have gone further and not to have achieved it, as if the present were unsatisfactory and nothing that happens can bring peace and happiness now. Anxiety is anguish that occurs because each day we have less time to experience everything that we have not yet been able to. Anguish is mainly related to the past, but it also sneaks into the present and the future because it is the feeling that is provoked when we come into contact with death. We could affirm that it is an anxious anguish, or an anxious anxiety because anxiety is mainly related to the future as every day there are fewer days to live and there is a greater closeness to death.

When anguish of the past and the future are in the present, they produces an essential sadness and impotence that makes us lose sight of the meaning of life. Then we are facing a delicate situation, which, if not addressed in time, can evolve into different pathologies.

Whether you are identifying this situation of alarm or you are already in a pit of despair, the good news is that there is a solution. In these moments we have the fortune of being able to count on the availability of natural medicines, very refined psycho-therapeutic approaches, techniques and highly evolved tools that produce surprising results when they are brought together. The effectiveness of these solutions is something that thousands of people in the world are discovering. We receive more than 30,000 people per year to our 3-day minimum retreats. In these circumstances, and when they leave, they realise how close the solution was. Then, after letting a few days after the retreat pass, and checking that the state they reached of inner peace stands on its own, they begin to realise that something very important has happened. Although at the time they might not have noticed it. And it is from that moment they begin to affirm that a major and real change has occurred in their life; disbelief or hopelessness begins to subside and is overwhelmed by the evidence of the day to day.

Usually the weekend retreats serve to forget anguish for a few days, or just to calm the symptoms of living a life without much sense. But in the vast majority of cases of the participants who visit us, based on the experiences we have documented and with written and filmed testimonies, they can resolve at the root, the hard core that produced this variety of discomforts related to time, life and what happens to us.


Actually, the pathological thing is to reject anguish, not to attend to it or to judge it. Those who point to it as an enemy live in the constant rattle of that uneasiness. An internal struggle due to the discomfort that it generates, but which is not understood. “Anguish is the prelude to divinity” and is therefore a rite of passage, a baptism of fire. Kierkegaard said “Anguish is the vertigo of freedom”. To know that all possibilities exist and to have to discern “the right path”. We all have the time to decide and take responsibility for what we decide. Deciding to flee from anguish turns us into cowards, making us weak people who put ourselves on the sidelines of having vital experiences in life. The fragility of our psycho-emotional structure is caused by not having confronted ourselves and crossed those moments of darkness consciously. This moment marks a change of course in life. By accepting and facing anguish with the right support, a spiritual process of profound comprehension is opened. With this we distance ourselves from anguish, we dis-identify ourselves and begin to observe and consider it as part of the process of evolution. Some people with anguish remain at the doors of the realm of comprehension and reconciliation, they do not manage to enter. They don’t know that by taking a step beyond it, they would find answers and unknown solutions that come from the inner strength that arises when we dare to cross the border of the impossible, or rather of what seems impossible.

Humanity is infected with the virus of impotence, of believing that things are not possible or that there is no solution. But it is showing that all these are just implanted ideas. Lies that just leave us exposed to be treated like sick people. Limited, useless, marginalised and hopeless. Victims of a way of life that has never reached the quality we deserve. In our retreats we manage the change of decision and attitude towards anguish, stress, anxiety and depression. Once this change of disposition and perception about what happens to us is done, everything else comes as an extra, in a fluid and natural way. You only have to try it once, nothing more. We carry out retreats in more than 20 countries with the same approach and under the same method created over 3 decades that is benefiting people from all over the world. After each retreat we provide a free support service and accompaniment by the team of facilitators. Sooner, rather than later, it is time for us to open ourselves to life, to love, to enjoyment and to the flourishing of our authentic Being. It is right there when the forgotten meaning of LIVING is recovered. We said it at the beginning, the solution is simple and surprising: TO LIVE AGAIN, TO BE RENEWED, TO LEAVE THE PRISON OF THE MIND OR TO OPEN OURSELVES UP TO FEELING. Call it whatever you want, it’s time to reopen the heart.


Where does that feeling come from that something is missing? Is it possible to find an internal place to be in peace? Is there a call to awaken behind that anguish, an intelligence that points with impetus towards what is really important? What can satisfy us fully? Is it true that everything is perfect? Is Love guiding each movement of the dance of life from Unity or is duality the ultimate reality of life? Can what we really are die? Does our dignity and the right to happiness depend on strict compliance with objectives and demands?

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