Testimony of John F. about his participation to an ayahuasca retreat.

Buddhists speak about Three Jewels, three events of immense value, and they believe that when the three jewels are present in our life, our capacity of expansion increases exponentially. Most of us experience some of these three jewels, seldom do we experience them together and at the same time, though they are essential for our development.

The Three Jewels are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Buddha is an enlightened being; Dharma is the teaching; Sangha is the community; and we need all three to “flourish”.

During my personal experience I’ve met wise and enlightened masters, I had access to great teachings, but I never found my Sangha, my community … I’ve always been out of it in some way…. too gay for straight communities… too straight for gay communities … Too somatic for smart communities, too smart for somatic communities… too left brain for artists, too right brain for scientists… I’m a misfit… and because of that I did learn about strength, perseverance and patience… but my heart was aching for not having found my Sangha yet. A sense of belonging had been accompanying me for many years and frustrated me. But this week, a miracle happened when I returned home after participating in the Psycho-Shamanic Retreat with Ayahuasca International team; I realized I had found Buddha, Dharma, and that I’m also truly feeling Sangha… my life is now getting started.

John F. is 58 years old, he lives in Manchester, UK. And besides having participated in several ayahuasca retreats, he went twice to the Colombian jungle to meet shamans, and did the whole three months process suggested by Ayahuasca International Team.


Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. Click the links for specific information on each retreat.

Barcelona, March 22 to 26

Berlin, March 23 to 26

Mallorca, March 23 to 26

Madrid, March 23 to 27

Marbella, March 29 to April 2

Munich, March 30 to April 2

Salzburg, March 30 to April 2

Sweden, March 30 to April 2

Hanover, April 6 to 9

Switzerland, April 6 to 9

Berlin, April 13 to 16

Vienna, April 13 to 16

Marbella, April 20 to 23

Norway, April 20 to 23

Click here for a complete listing of  information of all the 2017 Ayahuasca International Retreats Calendar . It includes subsequent links to information, prices and booking procedure for each retreat.

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