… It enabled me to learn how to live again … (Victoria)

My first encounter with Ayahuasca was in the context of Ayahuasca Internacional, during one of their wonderful retreat in Spain.

I was told about it a few weeks earlier by a friend who changed so much after his experience that it really made me wanna try. At this moment, I was indeed not going well. Not at all. After leaving my boyfriend, my job and my country to travel in South America, I still wasn’t feeling better. I was overwhelmed with sadness and I could not see any end to it …

I thus secretly hoped that Ayahuasca would help. And it was the case! I believe Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful therapeutic tool existing. But as any therapy, one must do his part. It was not easy but it changed my life. Ayahuasca helped me to take the control of my life.

After taking Ayahuasca for the first time, a member of the super team of Ayahuasca Internacional told me about their school and he was right. What I understood about me naturally led me to this training. But I was not ready yet.

After a second retreat I realized that in spite of my resistance, I really wanted to participate. I thus joined a training session and it was wonderful! The school certainly enables to learn about psychological techniques and to deeply familiarize with Ayahusaca but, in my opinion, this is not the most important. The school was a source of great understanding for me. In a way, it enabled me to learn to live again.

One of the most important things I understood is that the answers to all of our questions are within us. But, to see them, one must learn to feel. We need to trust what we feel, not what we think.

At a more personal level, the school also taught me to turn my sorrow into positive energy, vital force.

Today, I’m going on with the training with the school and I am also very happy to start collaborating. I know I’m not completely healed but I realized that, somehow, the Ayahusaca had already done its job enabling me to be aware. Now it’s up to me to  go on and to apply what I understood …


Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. Click the links for specific information on each retreat.

Barcelona, July 05 to 09

Marbella, July 05 to 09

Munich, July 05 to 09

Sweden, July 10 to 16

Mallorca, July 13 to 16

Vienna, July 13 to 16

Mexico, Riviera Maya, July 13 to 16

Alicante, July 14 to 16

Oslo, July 19 to 24

Berlin, July 20 to 23

Marbella, July 20 to 24

Tenerife, July 20 to 23

Cologne, July 27 to 30

South Sweden, July 26 to 30

Copenhagen, July 26 to 30

Eindhoven- Netherlands, July 27 to 30

Click here for a complete listing of  information of all the 2017 Ayahuasca International Retreats Calendar. It includes subsequent links to information, prices and booking procedure for each retreat.

For bookings or to request any further information call to +49 (0) 171 987 6655 (also available by whatsapp) or write to [email protected] 


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