They write us and help us see how they receive what we give and we have learned, and see us in action from their accounts. These words are medicine for all, as they arise from actual experience.


It is a joy to be able to say now, with or without fear; that my life has changed forever. Now it is “my life.”

Ayahuasca International, its team…has achieved boldly to shake the deck of cards interwoven with threads of smoke that seemed to blind sight my heart. A crusted deck of cards made of lies themselves conditioned, in the paradox of absolute desire to experience the worst hell with the only interest I sense to recognize the true passion for life beating in my heart…and which will beat forever.

Tomorrow? I wondered…where is the miracle that will unlock this tangle of fears contained like devils, and make my life a haven of peace. Well, that miracle was here already, and it turns out it was me!!!! I was the magic wand. Me, who…? I would have said yesterday in my excuse…I don’t know…I myself, promise now in risk-taking.

We don’t owe anything to anyone, is the most honest thing I could gather clearly from all of this madness …the absolute freedom of having been and having stumbled again and again in the eyes of others, is the most beautiful of blessings that I learned, I already knew…and that without further ado I live by and assure before your eyes, will live by; indeed I am grateful to confess that there is no turning back in this loving spiral of compassion in face of what might happen now, forever.

I thank Sergio (facilitator of Ayahuasca International) whom I love dearly, for his genuine dedication, all that / this support, that way of tucking me in sometimes and shaking me enough as a mother who loves her child would, ducking her height for the child looking into her eyes to understand. I cannot express in other words what I feel for Sergio, I cannot because it overflows. Inspiration, respect, professionalism in simplicity and quiet creativity, hunts with the hardness of his arrows which are shots.

Cesar (another facilitator), a piece of bread that reminded my strength the times it took until I forgot that forgetting the weakness in it was the first leg through the door, fortitude is a right, he made me understand. He constantly reminds it as a flower reminds, spring is here. Thanks. A professional, humble, approachable, attentive, brave.

Alejandra (another facilitator)…A mother? Yes …a mother, it moves me to remember the moments of tenderness that reflected on my skin. Powerful, honest, sincere, caregiver, and much more.

Ayahuasca, a tool certainly prepared for he who as well as the rest needs to recognize that the world is beautiful if he wants it to be, and what else could one want sincerely? Ayahuasca, a tool made of flower and thorn entirely willing to give to each what is his, the power…the power to offer a smile, to give a hug, to keep quiet when one wants to keep quiet, to speak when one wants to speak, to scream, to do or not do more. The power to walk, from the deepest mandate of our distorted identity possibly made of outbreaks of sincere love often with a straight face. That we do not owe anything to anyone…and that action is the key to the accurate transformation of intuition, that’s it’s possible. Let’s take one step and another step…step strong, I learned. Experience, or not even that…the novelty that is death, gave me the gift of remembering that I want to live my life!!! And that she, death, is neither bad nor good…nor a danger; and as Sergio says, death is committing suicide each day through the backward step of staying still. Looking…writing, touching, and certainly recognizing the power that each and every one has, it’s my luck, it’s your luck. The possibility is real, I repeat…the possibility is, the possibility.

Thank you.

Testimonial of a participant in the retreats of AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL.

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