”My heart beats again and it is full of emotion. Today, I feel again”

Today, I would like to share this moment of inspiration with you all. Because on the journey to freedom, there is understanding.

Yesterday I found myself, today I know who I am.

Tomorrow is now, and my brain a calculator that has stopped calculating, that simply lets go, that simply allows things to be. I have suffered enough. Now is the time to love and forgive, to learn that there is nothing to learn, that everything I need to know is in being. Let myself go…

To let myself be taken on the path of illusion, to find the love within me wrapped in flames of passion, where so much time was lost in a drawer there in the depths of the subconscious. Love is a living decision. Enough swimming against the current. Today my interior burns in flames, today I feel better, with more desire to live than ever, with many dreams to fulfil, for having”found you my love”. My heart beats again and is full of emotion, today again I feel again … I am awake yes, I am, I have finally opened today, I finally comprehend  understanding, I finally feel, I have finally found myself, having hurt myself so many times with my thoughts … I can only say to myself that I’m sorry. I apologize to myself, I love myself, and I thank God for having found myself, leaving aside cynicism, pain and embracing love again. Today I declare that we are all one. Today I declare that I am a god. Today I give myself to love and I overcome fear. I will never say “I can not” or deny myself, nor will I please you unless I want to. I am the owner of my life, I am the imagination, the infinite happiness. Today I am pure dynamite in my interior, I am god and god is me. There is a long way to go, although I won’t do it alone. I will walk with god next to me and it is a pleasure. A few days ago I was reborn. Today I declare that I feel better than ever. Today I declare that I feel good. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! BECAUSE TODAY I FEEL REGENERATED, BECAUSE AM REBORN!!!!

(I would like to thank Ayahuasca International Baleares for the treatment I received at the retreat, and especially Bruno Maroto and Ennio for their great work as facilitator, as without them, finding myself would not have been possible. Without a doubt they are angels fallen from heaven… A thousand thanks to both of you.)

Ismael Vázquez Rey


[email protected]

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