A person can realise in just minutes that they have a nuclear belief about themself that makes life difficult for them. It’s  “No-Therapy”.


The first time I witnessed a No-Therapy session was my first ayahuasca retreat over than 4 years ago when I saw how the creator of this technique, Alberto José Varela, founder and director of Ayahuasca International, confronted a woman by making her declare a series of affirmations that allowed her to realise that she had not yet allowed herself to be herself. According to what this woman said, she had become a branch of her mother in life. That her mother had controlled and crushed her so much that she had ended up confusing that voice with her own.

Being able to see her own situation directly allowed her to see that her mind was the scene of a daily court battle where her mother was the judge who dictated verdicts from morning to night, and sometimes even in her dreams. When this woman realized how she was being loyal to her mother and how she had turned her life into a sacrifice to pay a “debt of love”, her life changed completely. I take advantage of this opportunity to say here that “debt of love” is an oxymoron, that is, a contradiction. The one who loves does not incur debts or pass on bills because true giving is to receive simultaneously and does not need or demand future payments.

For me, to be witness to this liberating event, was to externally consolidate something that had already been developing within me and that I had been practising with the people around me. I had not yet given it a form. It was just a natural tendency arising from my intuition. That’s why I understood and implemented no-therapy so quickly and became extremely effective with it when supporting others with my psycho-therapeutic interventions. ”

I have been using this technique for 4 years now and I am open to others using it on me. But I have to say that once you understand it, it ceases to be a technique and rather becomes a perspective, a natural method of self-awareness, exploration and liberation of what one is and what one is not. That, in turn, facilitates the realisation in others of these two fundamental things in order to be at peace.

After all this time and given the deep gratitude that I feel for having discovered something like that, I feel compelled to describe it using my own words and experience:

A human being’s childhood experience means they end up reaching a false conclusion about themself that remains as a hidden thought that buries the person. It is a lie about themself that, having heard it so many times from others (mainly their parents) ends up believing that it is true. As Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, said: “A lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth.” Many times the child was not directly told “you do not deserve love” but they unconsciously perceived it because of the rejection or judgement they felt from others. The child creates lies and repeats them over and over again until they believe them. There they develop the idea about themself.

A child does not have the capacity to realise that what their father or mother tells them comes from their own injuries. A child thinks: “If my father and mother do not love me and do not accept me unconditionally, something must be wrong with me, I should be different”. It is at that moment, the result of a constant series of attacks received, where the child is internally broken. Then the thought about itself, despite being a lie, crystalizes and will be lived as a truth for the rest of their life unless they become aware of it and are freed.

The child does it to save the innocence of its parents and carries their projections. I have to say that the children of the facilitators of this organisation, having grown up in this environment, defy all the laws of evolutionary psychology. At the age of 7 they are able to detect when their parents project their personal issues onto them, and can therefore say to them: don’t dump that on me and take responsibility for your own anger. Children can understand at an early age what a projection is.

What is the personal lie? It’s a belief that lives hidden as a secret that nobody should know about such as: “I do not deserve love”, “I’m dangerous”, “I’m selfish” ” I’m worthless ” “I’m a shit ” “I’m a nuisance” “I’m better than others” etc.

According to the fundamental thought that someone has developed about themself, they will then design their life to show others what they are or are not. Some choose to reaffirm their belief and others to deny it. In any case, life will be subjected to that attitude that you have around the idea of yourself. The individual will devote all their efforts to it, their existence becoming something exhausting and destabilising.

An example: If you think you are “a selfish person” you will constantly sacrifice yourself to convince yourself via the eyes of others that you are not. It can be through acts or simply suffering all the time so as not to leave others suffering alone as if in doing so they were being abandoned. As if life were a dark walk together towards the Calvary and the best way to support the other was to suffer with them. This case is seen often in women to whom their mothers said “daughter, I did everything for you and now you leave me on my own”. The daughter believes it and then she becomes mother of her mother, thinking that she can help in this way. When in fact they are the biggest contributors of dependence.

One of the concepts that emerge from this understanding is: How to cut with the neurotic relationship we have with the mother?

Another example: In cases that you felt you were overprotected, you may think “I’m useless”, making your life a constant demonstration of success and escape from the supposed failure. Sometimes mothers are afraid that something bad will happen to their children and they avoid it by controlling them completely so as not to feel guilty in case something happens. So they constantly say: Be careful! With the child ending up thinking “I am dangerous”. Growing up like this makes the child ends up moving away from others thinking that the world is bad (a victim sub-character can aso be fabricated) when in reality what the child does is to alienate itself from others from itself generating rejection or self-exclusion. That is, putting itself into quarantine because it believes that it will harm others by believing itself to be “dangerous”.

No-Therapy is dedicated to the person being able to publicly declare the false identity that they believe themselves to be so that later, and if they want, that identity can be dismantled and lose all the strength it was drawing in the darkness of the unconscious.

These sessions should be done publicly because the person is afraid that their false identity will be exposed. When the lie (which is believed to be true) is discovered by others, it will begin to weaken. Therefore it must be done in that space, surrounded by people,in order to cross the fear of others’ judgment. In everyday reality the person lives believing what others think and fears what they think. The real source of their fear comes from what they say violently, “otherness”. This being a voice-over that lives in their mind, that interprets everything based on assumptions and that have the insidious purpose of weighing arguments to reach a verdict or accurate conclusion of what one is. “Otherness” has also been called ego, conditioning, mental programming, or as it is called in No-Therapy: PROGRAMME OR SYSTEM OF IDENTIFICATION .

The no-therapist is a facilitator who tells the person to make the “declaration” in public, because this word has the connotation that what is being said is real and what we want to bring to light is false. That is why they DECLARE. It is not a confession because it has nothing to do with a mistake nor does guilt have to be felt.

This ability to see what the person thinks of themself comes from paying close attention to their story, but above all by the facilitator’s willingness to see to the depths of themself. The deeper you are willing to see the lie in yourself, the more you are able to see it in the others. Let us here dismiss the word lie from all connotations of guilt or ill intent to deceive.

The process of inviting the participant to make their declarations should be done with great delicacy, with one eye looking outward and the other inward to be aware of self-projection. For example, if one invites the other to affirm: “I am selfish” and it is loaded with emotional charge, anger or demands (that would happen if I thought that of myself and had not yet freed myself of that belief) what we would do in that case would be to further embed that belief in the person instead drawing it out it, which is what we are looking to do.

The first part of no-therapy has to do with the lie and the second part with the truth. The latter is sometimes more confrontational than the former because for a person who believes that it is bullshit, it is very difficult and shameful to publicly acknowledge “I deserve love “or” I am absolutely innocent “.

It is called No-Therapy because it is not focused on believing the character or its speech, as is done so in any therapy (believing the person would be to associate them with their suffering). But precisely in questioning the personal lie allows what IS really true to emerge, as what IS is above any of my thought and all false identity. In my case I can affirm that “Sergio” is a character. I am not Sergio or any of his sub-characters and seeing him allows me to free myself from the jail of limits

No-Therapy focuses on uncovering the lie, then the truth emerges on its own. The process is always liberating because the truth does not hurt, the truth liberates and gives us wings to fly.

We use this technique, developed for over 10 years, to become a global vision of human problems regarding their identity. This is reflected in the integrations we do at our inner evolution retreats and workshops with psychotherapeutic use of entheogens and also at the European School of Ayahuasca and the Conscious School (a school that allows consciousness to expand and free itself without taking any entheogenic natural medicine).


Sergio Sanz Navarro

Facilitator and integrator of Ayahuasca International

Inner Mastery Psychologist

Teacher at the European School Ayahuasca


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