A person’s life is a theatrical play that represents the tragicomedy of human beings.

As children we experience all kinds of situations: some satisfactory, some painful; some we accept and others we do not understand; some safeguard or overprotect us and others produce deep wounds that mark us forever; some depress or block and others encourage or elate us; this is the extreme oscillation of the events that happen from the beginning of our lives, when we accept everything, receive everything, believe everything…

Children’s minds are still innocent, pure and unconditioned. They do not have any program or belief system that allows the reaching of any conclusion yet. Therefore, they look at everything that happens to them without having past references of how what they see and experience should be interpreted. This is why the energy possessed and transmitted by every event, situation, word or person reaches them directly and induces the perception of “that” in any possible way. “That” behind every word, situation or thing is a package of information and subliminal messages that children decode in their unconscious. That cluster of perceptions is the raw material they will later use to create the character that will represent them through life.

The script to create the novel of their own life and unconsciously choose the main protagonist is extracted from the sum of everything perceived and experienced. The script should be thoroughly learnt in order to play the character and attract the necessary external characters.

Throughout life there is such identification with the main protagonist, that one ends up believing to be just that. Even while it is untrue and would be very liberating to realise so, the individual clings to that identity and refuses to see how fake it is -much less get rid of the character- because one would not know how to move or live without the orders given by the learnt script. Living by default is very comfortable and safe. Obeying a specific script is very easy, as there is no creation, only performance.

Many people, and increasingly more, want to end their suffering, disease or unbalance. They realise they do not live as who they truly are, but as the character they perform. In that moment the decision to wake up or stay asleep is debated. For me, the awakening of consciousness is related to the process of realising we are not who we perform, we are not the character we identified ourselves with, and our life is a novel created by a macabre writer that subjugates us to a script and impeding the expression of who we truly are.

The novel, the script, the characters, and the main protagonist are the great lie every human lives. It is our prison, but it all makes extraordinary sense for the experience of living that can be discovered in a process of inner evolution.

When something does not work well in life or we feel lost, harming ourselves or repeating behaviour patterns that we cannot accept or comprehend, that is when the possibility of investigating and looking deeply at what happens to us is opened. If we start on this path of interiorisation without letting the character distract us or impede our inner search, we will get to see clearly that our lives are a creation of the past; that what we are living is predestined in order to keep the novel’s script active; that we are not owners of our choices from our essence, but rather we are forced to comply with the internal tyrant who directs our actions; that we are a lie, more or less organised, that originated from the perceptions in our early years.

Everything that happened and did not happen to you created the path. It may have been that you received in excess or had major shortcomings and that gave you the guide to advance. Traumas and wounds as much as conditionings installed in you are the origin and vital pulse of the character that was born during childhood to take control of your life.

I have coined the term “Active Programs” for the traumas we can detect and define quickly: rejection, loss, betrayal, abandonment, humiliation, etc. and “Passive Programs” for traumas that come from conditioning and are more subtle and hard to detect: overprotection, annulment, confusion, repression, alienation (concepts we explain in our Conscious School).


Maybe now you are in great trouble. You dislike your life, you dislike what happens to you, what you have does not satisfy you as you would like, you reach complicated situations, time or resources are not enough to enjoy, you are visited by a disease or ailment, you feel pain because of a breakup… and that is when you ask yourself: “What has happened in my life? How is it that my life has come to this? What happened to me that made me who I am?

I said at the beginning that as children we cannot reach conclusions, but we can perceive the energies that stimulate or annul us; that drive us to grow or stunt our development; that help us comprehend or confuse and disorient us. These energies (subliminal messages) originate from different roots, some come from what we have when we are born, others come from family, and many others from the very environment into which we are born. They are very powerful energies (that act) capable of creating the foundations that sustain the structure of personality, and are disposed to supervise throughout life that all actions and experiences are coherent with the life mandate that has been implanted in the person. This energy contains the messages and orders that I call “THE VOICE IN OFF” that indicates everything we must do and think.

From there, all that comes is programmed, calculated, planned and measured by the system installed within us, but that comes from outside. We are dominated by an internal tyrant that obeys external orders. This is why we have so many problems with the external, with others, and with our relationships.

Wanting to annul that voice in off is like killing a tyrant, or stop depending on the external. In any case, great external and internal work is needed, with ourselves and others.

That is largely what our Inner Evolution method is about; awaken the consciousness to see the depths, open the mind to realise what lies behind our eyes’ perceptions.

If you really want to solve the problem of your character’s dominion over you, you will have to accept the loss of control as part of the liberation game; and in that case you will be able to access the second phase of the game, using cognitive dissonances as a method to dismantle this macabre theatrical play in which you live.

I will speak about that in the coming days.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]


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