Spiritual Retreat

The authentic manifests
to the seeker of truth

Teachings of great masters of the history that shed light to understand the complicated human reality ......

... and training in Transcendent Psychology, an irrational approach that positively impacts real life.

With Alverto & Elian Varela

“The centred and harmonic presence of two men who have been connected for many years, cultivating reconciliation, peace, acceptance and gratitude. Accompanied by a group of mentors with a long history on the path of the spiritual search.”

Million of people have embarked on a spiritual search

and ask themselves: “Where am I?
How many doors have we used to try to get out of the hell in which we were living, believing that we were entering a new, free and elevated spaceonly to end up entering the same place of isolation and self-deception as always. Were they doors to get out of the known or to get back in? Were they ways to free ourselves or to return to the same? Doors created by the mind, whose path led back to itself.
If we have never left the mental prisonthe shadows that torture and numb us will continue to appear.  But in spite of us, and in spite of the strategies of the mind, the light of consciousness is still lit and  available for us to see and awaken. The opportunity is still before us. 

Calendar 2022


3 days and 3 nights
You can attend 1 our 2 days, but we recommend a full retreat

South Europe


North Europe




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In these retreats it is possible to do sessions with ancestral resources. Optional entheogenic sessions with master plants have a cost of € 50 per full session, € 35 per microdose.

From transpersonal psychologu to the transcendent.

Transpersonal Psychology has served to a great extent to offer the self to create a new spiritual mask that has been useful to decorate the ego with the feeling of a certain level of consciousness. When the personality is made up of spirituality, it leaves the subject who is seeking to go beyond himself alone, but does not allow him to access the roots of suffering.

Transcendent Psychology is perhaps the psychology that comes closest to the mysticism of the great spiritual teachers, for this reason it is irrational, and is hardly recognized by science and the academic world. It is the psychology that creates a situation in the “limited” human plane to naturally attract the arrival of the divine, which is essentially “unlimited”, and inhabits everywhere as well as in the innermost part of each human being.

Unlike Transpersonal Psychology, which affirms the existence of something beyond the personality, and where it can be accessed through the mind, transcendent psychology proposes leaving behind the domain of the personality to open a direct access to a spirituality based in disidentification with the mind: THE POSSIBILITY THAT THE LIE DIES SO THAT THE TRUTH FLOURISH.

“Human experience has been perceived as a process of rejection and suffering, but the spiritual experience is superhuman, it elevates us to transcendence and bliss, because through the pure observation of consciousness, it puts us above the past and the mind that dominates us, it allows us to free ourselves from this enslaving human condition, to recognise and enjoy an experience of fullness in life.”


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