In a Riviera Maya retreat with the Inner Mastery and Ayahuasca International team

(It is prudential, as in the case of Clauda Elizabeth from Mexico, that testimonies are written several weeks after having the ayahuasca experience, as to prove that which stays installed beyond the moment’s euphoria)


Hello Ramon and Hendara,

I share with you the testimony of my participation in the Riviera Maya ayahuasca retreat.

Participating in the retreat was a unique and transcendental experience for my spiritual comprehension, I connected with something supreme that helped me to lovingly forgive myself for all the harm I caused myself; likewise, through ayahuasca I could vividly feel the intimate, infinite and delicate net that weaves us into the universal nature, of which we are all part; I felt free, comfortable in my body, in my habitat, y sensitised and sharpened my perception in a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional way, cradling harmoniously in the warm freshness of our mother nature, product of the universal energetic power.

It is also a very strong experience, I recommend that before taking it, become conscious of the fact that we are going to relive our pains, if possible work emotionally with those deep troubles we have, because in ayahuasca you review thoroughly everything you have lived in a flash, the most painful experiences surface, to be confronted, but at the same time it is good a personal development and maturing process, which I testify that this retreat contributed positively in me.

Several weeks have passed after the retreat and I still feel that truths about myself are reaching me, about my darkness, but everything is helping me to discover the radiant light of my spirit.

In terms of attention and service, I can only thank and congratulate you, the personnel is highly trained to assist therapeutically and personally each participant, the organisation has a lot of cleanliness and they tend to the participants’ needs in an environment of quality and attention, required for this practice.

Again thank you very much,

We shall meet again soon.


Claudia Elizabeth Flores Gómez


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