Whether it is to compliment, thank, or tell us how they are or encourage us to continue

I did the first Ayahuasca International retreat with Eliel and Ennio. After the retreat I have told them how much I appreciated their tremendous therapeutic capacity and quality, even though they are so young. The second retreat I did with Victor and Ingrid and again nothing but compliments for the accompaniment and the integration process. This young capacity and integrity gives me so much hope for the future! Congratulations also to a school that achieves the graduation of such high quality professionals!



Hi Alberto, I am PEDRO ANDRÉS MUÑOZ, firstly I would like to thank you for what you have brought to my life, people say many things about you… that you are not authorised, that you are not a shaman, etc., to which I reply the same… if it had not been for this man I would not have known this, therefore I can only say THANK YOU, and from my heart I tell you THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I had over 12 years smoking marihuana and I could not stop, I did two Ayahuasca retreats and two toad intakes and I have over 3 months without smoking (I am loving it) and also I see a totally different life to what I saw before.

A hug and thank you very much for everything



Hi Alberto, I am Isabel, I attended the Bufo Alvarius and Ayahuasca retreat the 17/18 of this month in Marbella, I have a long trajectory of training in natural therapies and personal growth, which has helped me to be evolving and healing and accepting the situations in my life, and become conscious of the beliefs that limited me. For me your retreat was very revealing on all levels, I very much liked the way you work, starting with respect and letting each participant get involved in his/her own process, knowing that if at any time support was needed, there was someone to go to, I had already had two ayahuasca experiences (in another centre) and they were also very healing experiences. The very day I left that afternoon it was clear to me that I wanted to be part of your team, what fulfils me is to work with people, because in a personal way it is what I have been doing with my therapies, facilitating self-knowledge and accompanying people to keep growing and become conscious of their blockages to be able to heal them and keep advancing.



I am rejoiced and excited about finding you, in this path with no end, a path, where I am constantly finding what I like and dislike, realising now, that what I really care about is not whether I like it or not, but the consciousness that emerges in every moment, increasingly, in any moment, when I least expect it. I have finally given permission to this mystery called LIFE, to take me wherever it wants. When I see you, I realise I am on the right path and the right path has nothing to do with comfort, but it is a path full of LIFE, full of adventure, full of LOVE. Since I started in June in Barcelona, until today, already in school, every time I go home, it is like going into the operating room, going out of it, and going immediately into the laboratory, where I can observe who I really am, how the beliefs die right there, sometimes I do not realise, but it does not matter, because I know I am healing. When I leave home, I realise I am still entering and exiting the operating room and the laboratory is inside me, I feel more confidence, I no longer have a fear of “dying”. Apart from viewing ayahuasca as a tool for evolution, I know see her as a path companion, I no longer need her, along with the need to reach somewhere, I surrendered to her, I feel her energy, her wisdom full of silence and love. There is a before and after with ayahuasca. I will always consult her, I want to keep learning, it is time for less theories and more practice, she teaches me the practice so I can later transcend what causes me pain every day, making me responsible of my life without blaming anyone. Thank you Alberto, and all the people that work every day in accompanying people to achieve consciousness, and also to all the participants, who have the courage to jump into the void and find what they desire the most.


Carlos Chito


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