Even when we reach a “dead end”… there is a solution!


Written by a human being who could very well be yourself.

Ayahuasca is nothing more than the experience of stripping ourselves of what life imposed and programmed onto us. Ever since we are born, knots, barriers, limits and structures are embedded into our subconscious in such a way that our daily life may reach a “dead end”. In fact no such “end” exists, nor should we look for “exits”. This systematic pressure overpowers us through our two biggest enemies: fear and guilt. Ayahuasca allows us to journey to the origin of this programming, to wounds we have been tending to with alcohol and remedies for our whole lives. It gives us the chance to let them scar and heal to become a natural tattoo of ourselves.

While under the effects of ayahuasca, I wondered how I could share the experience with those around us with words. I wondered and concluded that the only correct text would be a blank page with the inscription: “There is nothing to say, experience it yourself”. And there I discovered the indescribable quality of this experience. As weeks go by, one realizes that any spontaneous expression that tries to share the benefits is completely healthy and full of energy, even when words cannot fully capture the multi-faceted experience. Multi-faceted because on the one hand there is the experience of taking this sacred medicine, and on the other the unparalleled spectacle of finding yourself and enjoying living in the benefits at your disposal today.

Breaking free of that mind that wishes to control and label everything is the most pure manifestation of freedom. Good or Bad, Harmful or Beneficial, Rewarding or Worthless, Big or Small, Old or New, Happy or Sad. These are all conditionings, constructs that destroy little by little our original, natural and universal being.

“Thank you”, these are the appropriate terms; not more, not less. These are the terms to express my gratitude to the God-Universe for having clarified my wife’s life and my own. My wife who is no longer “my wife”, but my life partner; and I am hers.

The secret for receiving the full benefit of Ayahuasca is total surrender. One must go from being a judge of the experience to an impartial witness, and finally evolve into the life itself. Only then nothing is alien anymore. Only then we cease to be an individual in front of the world and the universal mystery and are reborn as an unique member of that oneness.


Héctor William Valdez  Verduzco


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Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. Click the links for specific information on each retreat.

Oslo, July 19 to 24

Berlin, July 20 to 23

Marbella, July 20 to 24

Tenerife, July 20 to 23

Cologne, July 27 to 30

South Sweden, July 26 to 30

Copenhagen, July 26 to 30

Eindhoven- Netherlands, July 27 to 30

Marbella, July 27 to 30

Rome, July 27 to 30

Switzerland, July 30 to August 11

Marbella, August 2 to 6

Berlin, August 3 to 6

Ibiza, August 3 to 6

Sweden, August 7 to 13

Eindhoven, August 9 to 13

Barcelona, August 9 to 13

Marbella, August 10 to 14

Salzburg, August 10 to 15

Torino, August 10 to 15

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