Testimony of Luciana, a Brazilian woman that participated in this last weekend’s retreat in Barcelona. 

Deciding to participate in the retreat was quite a surprise, but many different feelings were activated by being there, seeing, hearing and glimpsing… Participating of my first experience with ayahuasca without any knowledge of it was an unparalleled ecstasy. Probably the most surprising and positive experience of my life.

We believe that the divine can only be received when it itself makes you worthy. The experiences during the session, the integration and the coexistence showed me a different reality I did not know. I saw the divine manifest in my life through the presence of angels, human angels, willing to transform those moment in something divine, human and spiritual. At every moment I felt the divine transforming my most intimate destructive feelings into positive experiences. Fear, pain and anxiety finally diminished little by little.

Many days after the experience I still enjoy the ecstasy that Ayahuasca seeded in me. The most positive part of it was being able to know oneself and to let that inner garden bloom instead of continuing to dry and wither in a lack of vitality. Yes, I arrived to the retreat with my garden very much neglected, I was incapable of accepting spring. But I left with inhabited by all vital elements that make up the essence of life.

Being able to recognize my human angels during the retreat was something bot unexpected and innovative. My angles did not give up on me, ever, and with immense love they spread in my gardens the finest seeds, those of self-love, compassion, friendship, family, self-improvement; the unconditional love in feeling and trusting, always.

I am thankful for having found the divine in these human angels that accompanied me during the whole process of healing, revealing each feeling in our conversations so that I may feel them deeply during the sessions with ayahuasca, where I could begin to heal all my open wounds.

Now, already with my family and well-rested, I can feel and live how this intimate change is occurring, this desire to improve, to live, listen, feel and inspire with each word and feeling I found there.

I believe in my ability to wish, want and live every day with the intensity it deserves. To my human angels, allow me to find you in every corner of my life, be it the neighbor, the distant friend, every person in the group, every facilitator, my son, sisters, friends. Yes, let me discover that all of us are and can be angels in the lives of others, and humbly ask for and give help, support and essentially LOVE.

I am thankful to this great and unknown medicine, thankful to all perfect human beings who gave me the inspiration to carry on, the certainty of conquest and the light to walk giving life from life itself. I am thankful in reconstructing the basis for complete happiness, in loving without attachment and in exhaling LOVE from every corner of my life.


Spaces that used to be open to disillusion, sadness, disagreement, loneliness and fear are now filling with other feelings and attitudes.
Thanks, thanks, thanks for all I lived, for all I learned and for all the love I received.
Thanks for all the music and all the modes of expression.
Thanks for all the affection, the hugs and the tears that bathed my soul.
Thanks to the great Ayahuasca and all who made it possible for me to experience it.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.


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