Through the poison of an Amazonian frog (Kambó) and a desert toad (Bufo Alvarius) we comprehend, from an expanded consciousness, that resentment is the only poison that kills the human soul.

Yesterday, while we carried out a workshop with psycho-therapeutic use of Bufo Alvarius and Kambó in Mar del Plata, the police broke into the place. They confiscated all our belongings and took us to jail as one of the indicative tests of the rapé (snuff) and the Bufo Alvarius gave positive for methamphetamine (MDMA, ecstasy).

I must clarify that none of the tools we use in our organisation possesses this substance. Because to begin with (rapé) snuff is not psychoactive nor entactogenic like MDMA; and Bufo Alvarius contains a triptamine that  already exists naturally in the body, unlike MDMA which is an artificial phenethylamine that is not found naturally in the body. Our organisation does not use anything that is illegal, chemical or artificial. In the past, and on a personal level, I had the chance to try MDMA and I know its effects are not at all similar to the effects produced by the natural substances that we use.

I have been told that they will perform more in-depth and professional tests that are not merely indicative as the phenomenon of “false positive” results occurs frequently. That is, the test reads positive for an illegal substance that is not present in the natural compound. According to that “false positive” that the police at the moment considers as true and correct, the penalty they want to impose on us is 5 to 12 years in prison. But I have no fear or doubt that everything will be clarified. As I say, it is impossible for any of our natural medicines to contain such a chemical compound. This already happened to us in Madrid with a colleague who brought Ayahuasca from Colombia and who was arrested at the Adolfo Suárez Barajas airport in Madrid following a positive test for MDMA. They took him to jail for several months until the most professional analyses showed that it was a false alarm.

The founder of this Inner Mastery International organisation, Alberto Varela, was also detained for 14 months in Spain and after 3 exhaustive analyses he was released and acquitted after testing in the laboratory showed that Ayahuasca neither possessed any prohibited substance nor could harm public health. The components used by our organisation are 100% natural and after being cooked or extracted in their place of origin, they are taken to Spain where they are analysed in a laboratory to make sure they do not contain any substance that could be illegal or harmful. Bufo Alvarius is a substance that comes from the glands of a Mexican toad that is smoked and that allows the release of the purest feelings that human beings can have for 10 minutes, removing the idea of error or guilt, and allowing our essence to completely fused with the Totality in the serene embrace of Consciousness. It is an experience that, as thousands of people can relate, has the power to change the perception of oneself and of life. Kambó comes from the secretion of the back of a Peruvian frog that is applied via small burns on the skin, producing a sweep of toxins in the body via the lymphatic system and boosting the immune system and the different functions of the organs. It is a pump of health and it is demonstrating the enormous amount of ill health that it can cure.


I just left the police station in Mar del Plata after a cold night in the cell. I am on the bus to Buenos Aires sitting on the seat with a notebook and a pen as my only luggage, and travelling inside myself with only the compass of my heart and its light. I am directing myself to you so that you read, and I am directing myself towards myself.

I am not suffering. There is no fear in me. No trace of guilt or anger for what has happened to me. This story is not about heroes or victims, or oppressors and revolutionaries, because in the depths of my soul there is a strong feeling that this journey that we call Life is something we are all doing together in the same direction, towards Unity. This is the story of how a supposed threat of my freedom is seen from the eyes of a child, because I became a child immediately the moment I opened the door and the gun pointed was over my head with a cry of “anti-drugs police”. And from that moment I opened myself to receive all the comprehensions that would come.

The news that I want to give you is that I do not see any evil or bad intentions in any police, prosecutor or judge or in their actions. Nor do I perceive any trace of victimhood or any feeling of injustice in myself because I no longer believe in any of those things that separated me from others. When attacking others, I was judging them, and I was fragmenting inside. Nor do I have to forgive them for anything because what they have done comes from ignorance and misinformation; the unconsciousness is innocent. They have acted without really knowing these natural and shamanic substances that come from the Amazon, and without having investigated the thousands of testimonials of people who have freed themselves from all kinds of conflicts and cycles in their lives thanks to the moderate and conscious consumption of these traditional indigenous medicines. Now we want to take advantage of all of this to make it publicly known who we are and what our work is. To give transparent information about our proposal. If our lawyers tell us that we must leave Argentina, we will do so, because we do not want to go against the law of any of the countries where we are established and legally constituted.

Months ago I made a radical decision, I do not want to hurt myself any more by judging others or mentally attacking them, because that’s the only way I attack myself. That’s why I’ve decided to always express love and invoke it moment by moment in order to see the innocence of my neighbour beyond all acts or discussions. I realised last night in the cell: “It does not matter if they perceive you as guilty now, the important thing is that you see and feel them as innocent. It does not matter if they do not release you now, what matters is that you release them inside your heart”. And so in that connection the cold of the cell became warm and love was sneaking through the bars of the cage because love is free and goes through walls reaching every destitute corner of existence.

There, in the middle of the night, while the echo of that supposed possible sentence of years rumbled in my head, I remembered and opened myself to the true meaning of trust. That door of liberation that invites me to think that everything that happens is exactly what I need in order to realise everything that hinders my inner freedom. And to trust is not to wait for Sergio’s wishes to be immediately fulfilled, but rather to open myself up to receive the wish that Life wants for me. But it is so tough inside to remember the people that one loves and that they are outside, that sometimes an old prayer arose unavoidably: “Thy will be done, but if it is possible, remove this chalice from me”.

Tears of helplessness descend from the balcony of my eyes when I write this. They relax my face and bring peace to my heart while I remember the face of Judge L., who this morning granted us freedom and from here I thank her for having connected with me, opening her heart and allowing me to be reflected on the transparency and innocence of her gaze.

I am neither a martyr of  entheogens, nor am I a ‘toad-apostle’. Nor do I feel that having spent the night in a cell for being faithful to the path I have chosen supposes a sacrifice I have made for others. What I feel is simply so strong that I can not avoid sharing and expanding it. I therefore declare that whatever happens “I will follow my heart and my path to the end”. This text is not a libertarian pamphlet. It is a love letter for you so that you can read me and so that you can feel like me, and discover that freedom is an internal state that does not depend on anything that happens outside. And that love has no limits when you open yourself up to love without measure,  in spite however much the ego shouts at you that you are prostituting yourself if you do not respond with rejection to the one you perceive that rejects you. Whoever rejects another is because they do not love themself. Whoever rejects with anger is because they feel guilty and deserving of punishment and is afraid of what happens, positioning for a pre-emptive attack before they are attacked. So every time that someone treats me with indignity, I open my heart and I can feel a frightened child in front of me.

From the first moment in which the police entered, we were ready to collaborate fully because the line that our organisation follows is to be totally clear and transparent, providing all the necessary information so that everyone can know in-depth these issues that are now so entangled in a web of disinformation. And that is why I feel grateful for everything that happened because I feel that this research and these analyses are going to serve for everyone to see that there is no risk in what we do since the substances we use do not produce negative consequences or death. Nor are they drugs because a drug is something that is used to escape feelings and evade reality and not to face it as the case in our meetings. In addition, these substances do not generate addiction or physical tolerance, to such an extent that you have to take less quantity to connect with yourself each time, until the moment arrives when you also leave these natural substances because you no longer need them.

The police treated us with a lot of attention, affection and with great respect, confirming my idea that real communication goes beyond words and that there are eyes in the heart that allow you to see the true intention and beauty of the being of another person beyond conceptual distractions.

I want to open and extend that communication that I felt with them with this text so that together we can make it stronger among all of us and so that we know how to communicate with that love that is beyond belief. And for you to come and get to know us at our conferences, workshops and retreats in order discover for yourselves what a policeman asked me:

– What do you see when you smoke the Bufo Alvarius?

– An innocent world, I answered

If I do not see guilt in myself I will not be able to see it in you. If I am truly awakened I will see the awakened being in you. If I am love I will not be overwhelmed by black clouds of resentment. As a shaman friend of mine says: “If you want to help me, go in front of the mirror and hug yourself”. And from there I invite you to observe, feeling everything you think about me and let these words spill over your heart. Because we are not delinquents nor do we dedicate ourselves to assemble meetings to drug ourselves. We do not sell spiritual experiences, we do not distribute methamphetamines. We are doing psycho-therapeutic and spiritual deepening work so that you can take responsibility for your own beliefs and wounds and thus dissolve them inside of you. It is a healing process that is reaching thousands of people around the world. It is the way that I have found, and that many humans are finding in order to live together in peace and without that hatred that is born of arrogance. It is time for many to stop supposing things about what  others do or are is bad or incorrect, without first having opened themselves to knowing them in-depth. For that, among so many things, there is consciousness: to distinguish, detect and eliminate the venom of resentment.

Sergio Sanz Navarro

[email protected]


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