Eternal quotes from a great master


These texts are going miles and miles, traveling around the world, through time and the hearts of millions of people, especially mine.

After reading over 200 books of this man, I decided to publish hundreds of phrases as deep as they are inspiring. I would like to emphasize in this blog the importance of masters at some point in our lives when one needs to trust someone to give us guidelines, to help us find the way that our soul had been looking for.


“There are things you only learn when you start teaching them”

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Osho’s books were not written by him, except for one “From sex to superconsciousness”, as the over 600 books that were written are actually transcription of his spontaneous speeches by his disciples.


“A wise man begins to feel increasingly ignorant”


“Only fools pick a few skills here and there and start to think that they know. Only fools are knowers, claiming their knowledge. “

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