Two plants, one from the jungle, one from the ocean, which unite to create a master formulation with which the Ayahuasca dilution is made. 

Posidonia is an ocean plant which oxygenates water, making it translucent, soft and of great purity. There is a great surface under the Mediterranean sea surrounding the Isle of Formentera (Balearic Islands, Spain) where this plant develops. It is here that we extract the water to elaborate our diluted ayahuasca water.

One hectare of posidonia exhales as much oxygen as 5 hectares of jungle, hence the water located where there is posidonia is greatly oxygenized and optimal to carry the active substances of ayahuasca.

We extract the water at a certain depth from one of the boats belonging to an Ayahuasca International team member. We then blend it with a master formulation with pure essential oils from Colombia (rose, bergamot and orange) and other shamanic medicines from the Amazon rainforest which have relaxing and anti-stress effects.

We offer this blend to those wishing to have the experience with ayahuasca for them to drink before and after the experience, since it prepares the organism for the encounter Ayahuasca, also allowing to continue the process in a gradual manner after having the experience of Ayahuasca.

The preparation process allows for all the power of a single drop of ayahuasca to be enhanced and complemented by the benefits of the sea, to offer an infinite oceanic energy: lucidity, clarity and balance for the organism and the emotions.

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