“FRIGHT!” Is the word that defines this experience, but an enlightening fright. A whole day arrested to make a statement for the alleged crimes I had committed and for which, as I was informed, I should be about 10 years in prison. I was told that at least they will send me to a not so bad or unbearable prison.

Thanks India, thanks Indian police who participated in the first Indian police operation against an activity with Ayahuasca, and thanks to the Indian people who participated in the first Ayahuasca session we have given in India, I was able to have one of my best experiences “without ayahuasca” in which I have SEEN AND UNDERSTOOD aspects of life and of my life, much more so than in 100 intakes of ayahuasca.

I always say, and now I confirm once again, that life itself gifts us situations at a level of love and understanding that can not be compared to any entheogen trip or with any vision from expanded states of consciousness.

After the first ayahuasca session we did on Thursday 21/1 where we saw the degree of openness, surrender and spirituality Indians have, on the second night a regiment of policemen come with many cars to arrest all those present for a series of alleged crimes.

Interrogations began right there, they entered with no search warrant, court proceedings are not needed before intervening there. Especially because they had the version that it was an organization dedicated to brainwashing for training terrorist cells. So we were being investigated before reaching India, and observed by a policeman infiltrated in the group of participants.

At the time of the arrest, only a little bit of rapé (snuff through the nose) had been given, I was not there, I had gone to find a hotel because there was no room for anyone else, the owner of the place sent me to a super 5-star hotel to spend the night, but an hour later they called me because the police were at the place of the retreat. I was informed that the following day everyone had to declare and besides that they had asked for me, they knew about me but they did not find me when they arrived in the place, they asked where I was but those who knew it did not report it at the time. Paula, my partner, and I were at the hotel when they called to tell us the news that the police had arrived. At that time we entered into meditation and reflection on what we should do; Hugo, the retreat organiser, and the resort owner called and suggested us to leave for another state in a taxi for the police would go the hotel and look for us and we should leave as soon as possible; but we decided to stay and not to escape. The next morning around 6 policemen came to the hotel looking for us to take us to the police station. Obviously they reviewed all our belongings as well.

At the police station the miracle happened, those things that are indescribable, that give the script for a great movie, and that represent the perfect example of the magic which life can make happen.

We had allegedly committed several crimes in the organisation of this retreat. After taking statements from everyone, more than 40 people throughout a full day, they concluded that they should let us go, the cause is very complex to explain, it was true that we had committed some misdemeanours, but it was unclear whether they were crimes or minor offenses, were they to be condemned or not? Regardless of that, I saw the policemen’s face and look, who could not associate a criminal organisation with more than 40 people none of whom looked like a criminal, all of them said the truth about their spiritual search and the organisers also decided to tell the truth about what we do and why we do it.

Oddly enough they decided to believe us and not to proceed to take us to prison because of really complex issues inherent to the mystery of life. But before we left they reprimanded us a lot for several reasons, one because one of the facilitators of Ayahuasca International lied in one part of the statement, another reason was because we took snuff (rapé) from Colombia to India, when it is assumed that in India there is an excellent tobacco. And the third reason was because being with a tourist visa we could not do any work in India.

Regarding the ayahuasca, there was not a single drop of ayahuasca to be found anywhere. It literally disappeared. But about this miracle, I will write another article. Anyway we agreed that we would send the police Ayahuasca from Spain so that they could analyse it in India and verify that it is not a prohibited substance, and that the reports prove that it does not damage health. All this with the intention of regularizing the situation legally in India in order to return as soon as possible and organise retreats in many parts of India.

We have already hired lawyers and business consultants in India because we will set up the first clinic of Ayurveda and Ayahuasca, for treatments of diseases and addictions, besides that it surely will become a spiritual Ashram, because as everyone already knows, behind the work with Ayahuasca there is a complete spiritual path,

and no matter how much we imprint a psychotherapeutic nature on it, people recognize that there is a movement toward awakening of consciousness that leads them to make big changes in their lives.

My journey continued two more weeks in India, I was able to have several health studies, with Ayurvedic and allopathic medicine at a clinic in Cochin. Then we set off to Varcala on the south west coast in the Indian Ocean, where we spent some inspiring days to relax and recharge batteries of pure, clean, soft, warm and natural energy that we have brought in our soul.

Before leaving India, I thought that in this trip I was going to support Hugo in the international expansion of the company, since he is the director of the international expansion, and that I was going to see the reaction of the Indian public to the Ayahuasca; but then little by little, I was aware I was going to find a very particular situation that would allow me once again to surrender to trust, to flow and look with transparency and comprehension at everything that happened.

One of the men who had the hardest time during that single taking of ayahuasca in India, was a Guru who came to have an experience with ayahuasca together with some of his disciples, he had one of those nights that you do not wish upon anyone, throwing up most of the night, suffering and not allowing anyone to help him at all; the day after during psychotherapeutic sharing, when his turn to speak and tell his experience came he said something meaningful, he gave no details of his experience, but only said: “AYAHUASCA IS FOR EVERYONE, EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS MEDICINE”

I was left with the desire of talking much more with this spiritual guru, but after the arrest at the police station we could not speak anymore, all I could see was a permanent smile, joy and freshness without limitation, as a new-born child involved in an embarrassing situation; when he found the opportunity he came up to me from behind and said, “Please do you have coins from Europe to give me? Because I am keen on collecting them”. I gave him all the coins I had from Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Mexico, and he said with the expression of a happy child: “THANK YOU”, accompanied by the lovely gesture of joining hands and slightly lower the head that characterizes the Indian greeting.

That is the same gesture with which I returned to Spain, a gesture of humility (something I fail to have) from coming into contact with people who seem from another planet. The authentic and surprising gift was the human scenery that India allowed me to enjoy.

I went to make an incursion into Indian people and Indian people have taken root in me. It usually happens when we open to an external investigation, we think that we will see, know, investigate, find out… But then we end up being watched and possessed by that we wanted to investigate.
A real lesson about the mystery of life.

What seemed to be the greatest fright of my life, became great understanding.

I will continue expanding and growing more episodes of this wonderful journey…. towards new discoveries of myself.

Alberto José Varela

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