Using alleged visions as destructive projecting weapons, or to manipulate and influence.

People can attend thousands of hours of therapy, hundreds of Ayahuasca sessions, take journey of initiation into the Amazon jungle or to India, read hundreds of books or practice yoga and meditation for years, and yet never be able to get rid of their inner judge. They can be masters, therapists or shamans, but never heal the wound caused by rejection.

The need to criticise and judge runs deep in those who are “profoundly spiritual” or that have undergone “deep therapeutic processes”. Frequently, they sublimate these criticisms and thoughts, coating them with a bright layer that conceals their darkness so that they may wield them against those they reject guilt-free and with “authority”.

The self-rejection that human beings suffer from is the origin of this need to defame, demonise, criticise or judge. Their target may be people, situations, organisations, decisions, etc. These destructive projectiles, gold-coated in order to disguise them, are nothing but their own unresolved issues. However, from the outside they are perfect destructive stones, thrown with subtlety and strength to vent their personal resentments. Even if they believe they are doing something constructive or beneficial.

I understand the need that every human being has to vent the enormous pressure that inner judgements suppose, but I also consciously decide to denounce these practices.  The rejection towards oneself can be so camouflaged that it requires a vicious vehicle to be released, and it cannot break free from such encapsulation without it. People that believe themselves to be better than others, fulfilled, transcended, awake or on any other spiritual level don’t allow the rejection and judgement they carry to be exposed. That is why there are always new and creative ways to express that inner hell they carry.

Specifically, I am referring to all those people who like to talk and talk about what someone sees or perceives, as if that were the truth or the final say in defining someone. It is claimed, for example, that: “I have seen a shadow in him/he,” “there are masters or guides with him that carry great darkness and that make me doubt,” “the entities that accompany some spiritual leaders have negative or suspicious energy.” I could mention many other ways of disqualifying others based on the following principle: WHAT I SEE WHEN MY CONSCIOUSNESS IS EXPANDED IS THE TRUTH.  Nevertheless, all of them omit their unhealed inner truth, that in those moments of expansion they use their consciousness as a cinema screen in which they project the film they want to see.  Its tittle: A HISTORY OF SELF-DECEPTION.  Because what I see, feel or perceive in someone else gives me the right to judge them. It even gives me the right to think: “I have to distance myself from this before it hurts me.” “I must jump ship before it sinks.” “I need a change of direction because this is not acceptable.”  “I have seen it.”

Sometimes what is seen while doing systemic therapies or experimenting with heterogeneous substances, visions, understandings or manifestations may occur that may very well be much more subjective than objective. Reality has always been and will continue to be an interpretation made by the mental programming that each of us has installed in them. Consequently, all that one may see and the conclusions drawn from that could be simple projections.

What these people fail to see in all those others is the conditioning that governs their lives. Fear, guilt, cowardliness or judgement are the dominating energies in these types of people. In many cases, they are so foolish that, even when confronted with proof and evidence, they won’t credit anything positive simply because they have reached a verdict within themselves, or because they can’t leave behind their decision to judge.

What is hidden behind these types of attitudes?  Anyone can see it if they dare take the leap from rejection to acceptance. Anyone who uses paranoid visions to manifest their judgements can look deeply within themselves and see that behind all that stratagem, there is a predisposition to reject and a resistance to trust.

The tricks of our minds create all kinds of mystical fantasies for disqualification. Expanded states of consciousness are being used by your own conditioning that only wants you to see what you want to see, and not something different to what you think.

THE REALITY WE SEE IS ESSENTIALLY UNREAL. This is why those who believe they are right when they reach conclusions about someone else should take a profound look inside themselves to discover what they are yet to solve.

What I see in those peoples is a great need to heal the wound caused by rejection. I am also aware that what I see is also my own interpretation.  But I don’t see evil, intention to destroy, darkness. I see an inner difficulty that prevents them from going further than where they stand, and the frustration that these blockades generate inside them results in their externalising that reality from which they want to break free. In the end, it is self-sabotage, or a self-nullification mechanism.

When limitations block potential, there is no way to justify, explain or rationalise it. It can’t be integrated neither. It is really difficult to take responsibility for that limitation that forces us to project onto others. It is much more elegant to do just that, to project onto others.

Now, it is my turn to reflect on what I may be projecting onto you that is mine.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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