“An experience among the most important in my life and that I will always remember”

First of alI I would like to take the opportunity to thank Victor and Oscar, Ayahuasca International facilitators, for giving me the chance to benefit from the sacred plant Ayhuasca’s healing powers, which saved my life.

I learnt about the properties of Ayahuasca thanks to my friend and brother Victor, and I had gathered information via the internet and watching documentaries. I discovered that Ayahuasca was being used, among other things, to treat addictions. THIS WAS MY CASE. I was suffering a great addiction to cocaine and hashish. This was destroying my life and my family’s without me realizing. Mainly I believed that the problem was the rest of the world, when in fact the problem was within ME. It was my inner world, my way of seeing things, my behavior, and my way of loving my dear ones. Thanks to good fortune and my wife who put me against the wall I began to realize that I was the problem. I started to realize what I was doing and what I was not doing, both to me and my family. I had lost my job and I had distanced myself from my family and friends. In conclusion, I was digging my own grave, and my family was watching while I destroyed our lives, because when you have this problem you don’t notice that you’re not only destroying your own but also the lives of people you love who are close to you.

At this point, I spoke with Victor. Right after talking with him I understood that Ayahuasca holds great powers. I have known Victor for a while, and he had overcome his own addictions. I realized that Ayahusca could be a great help for me too and I was sure it would help me change the way I see things. So I decided to take part at a retreat with Ayahuasca International, although I had no money left to participate.

I would like to underline that for me this retreat was a miracle, a salvation, like a breath of fresh air that reached my lungs and gave me life and hope.

It was an experience among the most important in my life and that I will always remember.

The first night it was very cold and I was nervous about what was going to happen. Everything done for the first time creates nervousness due to the uncertainty of what may lie ahead. I took the first dose, threw up, but did not enter a process. I bled several times through the nose (a curious thing due to the problem I had) and I spent the night feeling very nervous, which blocked me from flowing into a process.

The following night was very different. I was already calmer, the room was warmer and there was a different atmosphere that I cannot explain. I took the first dose, after a while I vomited and there nothing else to do but lie on my mattress in full process. It was a magical experience, full of kaleidoscopic lights until a Shaman manifested in a vision performing a healing ritual on me. The ritual lasted about 3 hours, healing my nasal septum, my neck and back problems, headaches and removing bad energy accumulated in my body.

Once the visionary-energy session with the Shaman and the healing ritual ended, the effect of the medicine left my body and I felt full of energy. I had just had an unbelievable mystical experience. The booster shot came. I took it eagerly, I though I would have a similar experience but I has the worst time because the medicine showed me what I was doing to my family and myself. I cried with rage for like 4 hours. This anger transformed me into a wolf and I saw myself running through the woods trying to make the anger go away. When I stopped running I was exhausted and I could only see an image of my family. This moment I felt a lot of peace and I mutated into a butterfly and the more I flapped my wings the more peace I felt. It was a relief. After this process, and once I opened my eyes, was able to see my aura with total clarity. At this point my eyes were open, the medicine had shown me what was happening and what I needed to do in order not to lose what I loved the most.

I spent about a month without taking cocaine, but I didn’t change other aspects of my life that were pushing me into an addictive state and I suffered a relapse. I started taking drugs again.

This went on for about 5 or 6 months, I didn’t take it as much as before… BUT I KEPT DOING IT.

A short a while after, something happened in my relationship with my wife that brought me to begin to see the big problem we had and I decided to do another session, but this time an individual and personalized one.

This last “toma” was the most powerful experience I’ve had with the Shamanic medicine Ayahuasca. It was totally enlightening. Through this I realized everything I needed to change within me and that the problem of everything I was doing was my own.

At first it was like fireworks with many kaleidoscopic lights and suddenly I found myself in a green meadow with a cliff overlooking the sea. I was there watching the waves when the image of a faceless woman appeared (I knew it was a woman). Like a light. I couldn’t speak, word wouldn’t come out. This women kept looking at me and asked: “what have you come to ask that don’t already know or that I haven’t already told you?”. I was paralyzed and she asked what I was seeing. I still couldn’t speak. And suddenly she told me to look down. I looked and my vision did a kind of zoom and I saw a bag of cocaine among the rocks there were under the cliff. I looked back at the woman and she told me to go for a walk. Then I saw my family, my wife Noelia, my daughter Noemi and my son Izan behind me. I turned my gaze back to the woman and she asked me if I was going to throw the bag. I looked at the bag again, I looked back at the woman and she told me to look backwards again. Then I saw that beside my family were my parents, my friends and all the people I loved. The woman told me that all these people came to see me throw away the bag of cocaine. I felt a terrible fear and she said that she didn’t want to see me again and that I should never go back there.

Then the experience turned more introspective, I saw myself, the things I did and didn’t do, and I felt a strong sense of guilt, and grief. It was a very powerful experience, and the curious thing is that I spent a long time of this second part of the process with my eyes open, which hadn’t happened before.

This was my experience with Ayahuasca, which I consider MAGICAL. Personally it saved my life and my family’s life. Now it has been 4 months since taking drugs, and I changed all my habits in life. I am much happier, although I still feel a sense of guilt and for this reason I would like to do one last Ayahuasca session in order to end the healing process, and break the cycle.

Thank you so much Victor, my brother.

Juan Luis

(Alicante, Spain)

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