How will the new therapeutic and spiritual models be?

Techniques, teachers, substances and approaches have become obsolete in the face of the growing complexity of human problems. The frail and ineffective solutions offered succumb in the face of the strength of the structures that have been developed by ailments and diseases.

It is necessary to have a really innovative focus, maybe even revolutionary one or one that does not have the codes that have so far characterised the proposals launched by the therapeutic-spiritual community. The inconvenience is that such an innovative proposal has not yet been created, or maybe it is still fragmented in very distant parts.

There is a creation and emergence of new therapies, techniques, substances or spiritual teachers that barely provide temporary relief –in the best case scenario-, and lack the structure to create an authentic and lasting transformation.

Every now and then all sciences need a qualitative leap to keep up with human evolution. The science of transformation is immersed in lethargy for reasons that will be discussed at the conference.

Many ask why Inner Evolution Retreats use different substances and methods such as Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius (5-meo-dmt), systemic therapies, bio-dance and meditation, among many others. A sensible, intelligent and harmonious integration of techniques, methods, approaches, ideologies and the adequate use of natural substances will empower us to reconsider the life we lead so that it is compatible with what our soul wants in this precise moment in history. We can no longer offer obsolete tools for current problems.

Alberto José Varela will talk about this significant matter and will answer attendees’ questions. Mr. Varela, founder and director of Ayahuasca International is a highly controversial public figure that attracts many sympathisers and detractors yet stays notably removed and unaffected either by compliments or critiques while he follows his purpose of creating a system that allows people to find authentic and lasting solutions to their problems.

The two main subjects that he will address at the conference:

EMPOWERMENT: Authentic autonomy for a balanced and harmonious life includes independence from those same substances and techniques. They must be used with trust and surrender, keeping in sight the clear intention of quitting them once balance and harmony have been reached. The re-establishment of original values implies a reboot that does not admit unhealthy dependencies.

DEPTH: Within the scientific-therapeutic and/or spiritual community there is still the proposal of external solutions. An example is the consumption of psychoactive or psychedelic substances as a path to healing. As if taking an entheogen (natural medicines that expand consciousness) could guarantee a change. As if practising certain techniques we could solve our lives. A fallacy that distracts and confuses the seeker.

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