Many people already know Aisha and Eliel, as they travel to many countries to facilitate retreats with Ayahuasca.

They were both students at the European School of Ayahuasca for more than a year and Inner Mastery International S.L.U has employed them on a permanent basis. They work as facilitators and translators at the inner evolution retreats. Aisha is pregnant and they have rented an apartment to live in Madrid, Spain.

We have other pregnant women within this organisation and several babies have been born this year, also there are little ones such as Samuel, Amelys and Samuel 5, 8, and 6 who go to school. There are around 10 couples within the organisation who live in their own homes in different countries. Others are coming and going, trying at having a partner, living on their own or with their parents. All this indicates that the members of this organisation live as normally as anybody else in this world. Above all we experience more or less the same situations that the participants experience in our retreats. I refer to discussions, holidays, painful and pleasurable situations, health and illness, moments of love and hate…many of the problems that present themselves at a personal level that we don’t know how to resolve. We also seek help and are open to receiving it.

Due to the fact that we share so many moments together working and studying, we have forged friendships, we have a love and closeness that makes us feel part of an energetic or spiritual family, be it not blood related. A few people who care for and maintain the houses live in each of the houses in the organisation, in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Turin…they also make connections and live like families, although we have never tried or propose living in communes. Our houses are ready to welcome people every week, not to stay to live.

We feel that life is in the world, not isolated from society. We don’t have to distance ourselves or be separate from people, no matter how different they are. Neither from our blood families even if they do not share our choices or lifestyle. Our organisations’ motto is to be at peace and in harmony with our parents and children. From this place we can face our participants with integrity. Because if we have not yet reconciled ourselves with our parents and/or children, we can do little in the inner evolution project.

Alberto Varela

Founder and Director at Ayahuasca International and Inner Mastery

[email protected]

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