“No other therapy managed to take me on this journey to search for my soul.”

A couple of years ago I felt empty, lost and without a direction. I wandered from one thing to another, from person to person, looking for a meaning to my life, looking for a way to free myself from fear, guilt and pain…

I went to psychologists and psychiatrists for three years, tried Bach flower remedies, regression therapy, chakra realignments, hypnosis… I suffered post natal depressions, existential crises, anxiety attacks… no remedy, no advice, no therapy managed to take me on a journey to find my soul, to find myself.

Fortunately, via the internet, I learnt of the sacred mother plant medicine and teacher of teachers “ayahuasca” which I was really attracted to. So I researched over several months, each day I read and watched documentaries, home-made videos, written experiences, and I searched on the internet to find out if healing with this sacred and amazing plant was available in Chile. That’s how I found Ayahuasca International Chile. January this year was my first experience.

Please allow me to tell you that it has changed my life, my perspective on life and on my life and on those around me.

I have healed traumas, bad experiences, and my anxiety crises disappeared as if by magic.

I discovered through my own consciousness that the solution to all my problems was love…love for oneself…that if one can see and forgive oneself, one can reach their own essence, that love can do anything, that love is the engine, the basis, the oxygen and the energy that moves the universe..

It was in this moment that I discovered the reason for my bad experiences, the reason for always looking for partners that didn’t love me, the reason why no other therapy brought about any change in me so I continued to feel just as empty…because I didn’t have love, because I didn’t love myself.

I discovered how amazing and brave I am… that I can already have what I want to be as soon as I decide it, because we are energy and the whole universe conspires with us when we ask for something from a place of the soul and love… I was filled with a more  pure and intense love than I had ever felt in my life before… I love myself and Iove everyone equally. Since childhood we have been taught to “love your neighbour as you would yourself” but nobody teaches us to love ourselves…

Thanks be to mother ayahuasca for finding me, awakening my consciousness and thanks to myself for having answered your call. Ayahuasca divine light and blessed healer or souls!




Ayahuasca surpassed everything, now I undertand…

It’s as if God spoke to me, I experienced love, I am a cat, a feline with powers, I saw the devil, I learnt to deal with him, I died and I understood everything I was searching for. But I awoke, I opened my eyes for the first time in my life… I was asleep and I hadn’t realised it… the earth was alive and it embraced me… I am not crazy… but I had been… this is the fine line of the consciousness. It’s like when Peter Pan starts to remember, everything was always inside me… I am happy!

I send my gratitude to the organisation Ayahuasca International in Chile, for its work in pursuit of human evolution. They have stirred me deeply, thanks Oriana I hope to see you all again.

Johann Oyanadel Rosas

27 – Transpersonal Therapist/Psychology Student


My experience was spectacular, it was over and above my expectations…

I learned about these retreats when my sister told me about her experience with this ancestral medicine Ayahuasca which seemed to me, to have been very enriching for her. However, I left it on my to do list for the future.

This first semester has been difficult for me as I’m in charge of several things in my family that I haven’t been able to resolve for some time. Unable to fin the solution has has created a great burden on me and an extreme tiredness.

So after thinking about it for a few days I decided to go to this retreat. I went with some scepticism as I didn’t know what to expect, and without high expectations.

But my experience was spectacular, it was over and above any expectations…  it was in the second session that I was shown the most urgent and important of the problems that I should release, let go… I felt a tremendous nostalgia, but at the same time I comprehended from the heart that I needed to let them go, delegate responsibilities that aren’t mine and that I should trust others. In the moment I had the experience, it caused me to lose a lot of energy, so I was exhausted and fell asleep afterwards. The most astounding thing was when I got home, I hugged my daughters and my husband, and they told me that they had felt my energy early that morning, waking up inexplicably and feeling a great sense of peace.

I am still processing everything I experienced, as it changes your perspective on how to see life. from applying it to small things, to making it part of my habits.

The only thing left for me is to express my gratitude to the organization Ayahuasca International, for how serious and professional they are. To Oriana, Ramon and Taita Alfonso for giving us this opportunity to grow and for us to realise that we have the answers within us and that we must do things with great consciousness and from the heart, THANK YOU!!

Mireya Salas

50 – Santiago de Chile



A perfect night, everything we could wish for as men, the universe had conspired behind our backs so that we were all there that night, even if it seems unreal or part of a science fiction film storyline. This was all planned many years ago, of course this wasn’t planned by just anyone, it was a plan loaded with love, hope, light, a plan that was woven together meticulously by the hands of the creator, by existence itself, by full consciousness, that vibrated to the rhythm of our hearts, so that things would occur exactly as they did that night, in that place, in that moment. Without a doubt something changed in each and everyone one of us.

The whole time, our beloved earth has been lovingly there and is trying to wake us up, although we have stubbornly not listened to her sometimes for quite some time, but she insists because she knows that in any moment just a spark can light the flame in our hearts.

Surrounded by nature, the trees made of stars, the radiant moon full of subtle and powerful energy touching our skin and our souls, inviting us  to allow ourselves to be invaded by the wonderful world of our emotions. The sound of the birds that sing only for us, is music to guide our journey, so that we do not wander off the path, so that the harmonious vibration of their song lifts us and connects us with the everything. In the distance a rushing river that encourages us with its force from time to time to face our own fears.

The earth, the trees, all the beings of the forest, the stars, everything that was found there, is connected with each of us, connected by invisible multicoloured ties, infinite connections, from a small ant to a great elephant, everything around us talks, everything vibrates around us, the trees whisper and dance with the wind. Everything tells us that it’s the moment to expand our consciousness, someone chose us to be there in that moment, and we finally listen to it.

The night starts, perhaps many of us hopeful of finding answers within our hearts, a little nervous, a little anxious. My soul knows that something important will happen in my life, in our lives, because it was our souls that brought us here, it was our soul that decided to heal itself. Your mind, our mind didn’t know, but your soul did. It knew everything that was going to happen with you, and you in yourself decided all this, you decided, we decided, you decided to abandon all your fear, your guilt, everything that didn’t allow you to shine. You decided before it happened, you took the most beautiful decision in your life without even realising it.

Ayahuasca chooses you and you choose her. She is not any plant, inside her is the presence of God, God’s love and energy, God’s warmth, that is why she treats you with such love, that is why she is affectionate to you, that’s why she heals in that way. She  changes you, but really she shows you that it is you that heals, you are the one that fights your fears, you are the strength of life itself. The ceremony starts, one by one we go up to drink the mystical brew, such a sour taste in the throat, it’s a bit of a struggle to get it down because of its texture. We didn’t know what would happen, but even so we trust her, a strange trust that says “don’t be afraid, everything will be fine.” Of course the reaction is different for each person, depending on our histories, our emotions, each one lives in a unique and particular way, because the truth is that we are unique, but at the same time we are one.

Each one of us sat on our mattresses, some wrapped up in their sleeping bags, others with just a blanket, the night is perfect, it’s warm, it’s cosy, for some it’s the first time they come into contact with the brew. There is a lot of expectation, the minutes go by, time moves more slowly, it’s difficult to relax, at least at the start.

The mind tries to get in the way, as it always has, but before we were generally unaware of it. It works when it shouldn’t, it thinks when it shouldn’t. Expectations for example; in how you want your journey to be, in a range of thoughts or questions that start to appear one after the other to disorientate us. It interrupts, always when it shouldn’t, it interrupts even more now that it knows your soul is waking up. With all its strength, your mind with try to silence the soul’s voice, your voice, your true voice, your light, the sparking fire of your soul, that starts to emerge, starts to appear on your skin, in you smell, through your senses. Your mind becomes weaker  every time, you no longer listen to it as much as before. You stop thinking about the future, you stop thinking about the past, it is now when the magic starts moving inside you because the present is the only place where life exists.

I close my eyes, I lie down, I stop thinking, I am simple there, without thinking, simply there, observing the void, and when I observe the void, I see everything, I see the emptiness, I see the silence, and for the first time in my life I connect with my silence, and this talks to me, it murmurs, it says, I am the voice of life, the voice of consciousness, I always live inside you, from today you will listen to me, from today your life will change forever, it will be expressed in your energy, in your eyes, your way of seeing. You will change your surroundings, you will change the world with your love. I have the truth, I know who you are, I have a gift for you. Close your eyes, since you can only see me when you close them. Listen to me from deep inside yourself, for your mind I do not exist, but you now know that always, since your creation, I speak to you, I live and breath inside you. I am your sighs, I am your breath, I am life itself that loves you and caresses you from the inside.

I want you to look at the star, look how they connect amongst themselves, look, they are woven to one another, they are inseparable, as you are. “a star is the light of a person that echoes in the universe”, it is your light, it’s the light of another, you are part of it. Just listen how the echo of your heart resonates when everything is silent, that which you listen to resonates inside you, I am me and you at the same time.

All that is left for us to do is to breath, to be, to stop thinking, the force of expectant life in which it can fuse with us at any moment. And starts to act, and when that happens, our beloved plant, warmly starts to embrace us, kindly asking permission to enter, once you have given her permission, the force of life starts to act, surely you can not fight against such a powerful force, it’s a battle you will lose in the end, it’s better not to fight, something starts to move itself through my veins, many colours, many tones, so many I can’t count them. The physical body no longer seems to matter. What I am feeling is love, love which starts bit by bit to take its place in my soul, in each and every one of my cells, making them shine. It’s a strangely pleasant, peaceful and pleasing sensation. That is love, love for yourself, love for others, infinite love, love in its maximum expression, not caring what it is called, where you are from or what your profession is. What really matters is when you are full of this amazing sensation, which nourishes you from the deepest place and makes your existence shine. It is then when the voice of the consciousness expands, and in my personal experience I could hear it, how wisely and  how full of love it spoke to me, and how other times it pinned me to the wall so that I would move and do something, but always with respect and a lot of love, respecting my decision in each moment, it tells me things that I have to deal with in my life, things I should do, etc.

It also laughed at me many times, because I asked so many questions, it said inside me for example; who do you think you creates these questions in you? When they are existential questions it’s me, when they are frivolous questions, it is your mind that is emanating them, when it’s an existential question it’s me myself who has dictated them to you, you already know the answer, why do you insist on looking for something outside that you have in yourself, stop thinking, relax, be happy and don’t ask so many things, listen to me, use my wisdom, you are part of God and God is part of you. Vibrate in the love which is the place where you can find me.

Alejandro Gunckel.


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