That the receival of the best possible news is perceived like the worst of all, sounds like sheer madness.

Although you already know, I want to repeat one and a thousand times more: my name is Alberto Varela, but that is not what I am. I was born in Argentina, but I am not Argentinian. I have been working with Ayahuasca but I am neither ayahuasquero nor shaman; I have male sex, but I am not a man; I have founded several business, but I am not a businessman; I am dedicated to healing, but I am not a healer; I have six children, but I am not a father; I manage over 70 people but I am not a manager; I inspire many to discover their inner master, but I am not a guru. I cannot find anyone inside of me. I feel I am not. Not knowing who I am fills me with infinite peace and gratitude.

My life is very simple, common and straightforward; I love being at home, work, write and motivate others towards blossoming; each person who is with me knows this, I love sharing what I apparently have and what I am not. It is strange and complex to comprehend how so many people are attracted to a vortex of such incomprehension. But by and by I am discovering the reasons for what is happening to us.

For this reason, I want to publicly introduce today this marvellous team of divine human beings which conform this wonderful spiritual family, I am grateful for them for having come close to me and this organisation, because the bear me, they support me and they forgive me; each one of them knows how to transcend me in order to add themselves onto the realisation of a common dream: that of reaching each person who needs that which we are living.

What we have is not much, but it is authentic since we have conquered it within our soul; it is nothing revolutionary, but it works very well; it is nothing new, but it can create a unique and unrepeatable path within each person. It is not a group, but the fusion founded upon the enchantment towards life. The mere fact of being alive and living has moved us to such an extend that we have become relentless and lethal in the detection and deletion of that which interferes with our harmony and well-being.

For us, healing is not a state you reach as a result of doing certain things or achieving others, but an attitude you achieve through a process of inner evolution when you are able to COMPREHEND. You will probably ask yourself, Comprehend what? but that response is the one that each person who comes is able to find for themselves, in their own heart, so as to then open up to receiving the reply that the voice of their consciousness will give them. Thus we insist that with both an open heart and an expanded consciousness, we have it all.

We greatly regret bringing these bad news: “The solution is very close; there is a reply hidden within each human being which dissolves all questions; and that the only way out, is inwards”. It seems contradictory, that trying to leave will end up bringing us inwards; that is the unbreachable law of healing: depth leads to comprehension, and the latter towards reconciliation. But… Why is this bad news? Because the seeker who lives within millions of people does not wish to find; because the problem character who possesses us does not wish to end the terror novel in which it lives; because the immature child we have inside wishes to be an eternal follower of unnecessary external parents; because discovering that their is real hope for our situation is as much as realising how stupid we have been. 

Many affirm that you need to be unsuspecting and clueless to come to our retreats; others affirm that we are only geared towards making money, dressed up as therapists and healers; if this was so, our clients must be very foolish.




Today, Monday December 19th, 2016, at 8pm Spanish time, we will transmit live throughout our 112 Facebook pages, for the whole world and in 3 languages (Spanish, Italian and English) the start of this precious meeting in which we will bid farewell 2016, and in which we wish to show the world our face, allowing millions of people to enter our home and share a brief moment of connection.

A large part of the team is already in my house, but many are faraway abroad and have not been able to attend this convention: Fernando Jojoa, William and Jairo Palchucan, Juan Males, Marcial, Valter, Darwin, Goggi, David and Sandra in Colombia; Alberto Guzman, Yadira, Hendara, Ramon, Ennio and Paty in Mexico, Oriana, Sofia y Ricardo en Chile, Elmer in Peru, Jazmina in Sweden and Isamar from USA… this transmission is a way of being with each of them to feel unity.

This is the possibility we carry everywhere we go: “UNITY IS POSSIBLE”, with others, with nature, with life and with the whole of existence. 

Alberto José Varela


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