“I have found a place of harmony, open, with love and a lot of heart. A place where I can open up and be myself.”

Eva, student of the European School of Ayahuasca

I had experienced with Ayahuasca in other organizations, but when I discovered the integrations, I found them wonderful.

I really wanted to make changes in my life, and I finally achieved them.

The bond with my own essence has grown stronger with the retreats.

I want to learn much more about myself in the European School of Ayahuasca

I have learned to be much more open, I feel welcomed, loved and cherished.

People here share a will to live authentically and from their hearts.

The tools I have acquired here allowed me to develop various attitudes, to act differently, to make other decisions.

Ayahuasca helps you find your unconscious side, break your schemes and the programming that governed your life up until now.

Tradition is respected, but here the approach to ayahuasca is not spiritual or religious. Here, the focus is psychotherapeutic.

I had a clear vision of how necessary it is to empower the feminine side in ourselves, in men and in society.


Click here for a complete listing of  information of all the 2017 Ayahuasca International Retreats Calendar . It includes subsequent links to information, prices and booking procedure for each retreat.

Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. Click the links for specific information on each retreat.

Cologne, July 27 to 30

South Sweden, July 26 to 30

Copenhagen, July 26 to 30

Eindhoven- Netherlands, July 27 to 30

Marbella, July 27 to 30

Rome, July 27 to 30

Switzerland, July 30 to August 11

Marbella, August 2 to 6

Berlin, August 3 to 6

Ibiza, August 3 to 6

Sweden, August 7 to 13

Eindhoven, August 9 to 13

Barcelona, August 9 to 13

Marbella, August 10 to 14

Salzburg, August 10 to 15

Torino, August 10 to 15

Munich, August 10 to 15

Berlin, August 17 to 20

Norway, August 17 to 20

Marbella, August 17 to 20

For bookings or to request any further information call to +49 (0) 171 987 6655 (also available by whatsapp) or write to [email protected] 



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