May 27-29th, 2016 in Madrid, Spain


For the first time in history, we are honoured to be hosting and organising a collaborative gathering of indigenous shamans of various Amazonian ethnic groups, a team of psychotherapists and international spiritual leaders and guides. Our main intention is to define, clarify and integrate how we can all best facilitate and assist the rapidly growing consciousness expansion and therapeutic healing work spreading around the globe and responsibly work with Yage or Ayahuasca to assist and facilitate this phenomena.

We realize that the current time is ripe for this integration and the expansion of consciousness, regardless of the leaders, tools, methods, or schools through which it is enabled. It is obvious that a call is being made for all people with an open mind and open heart to embrace a new perception and accelerating movement.

Until now, many men and women with shamanic wisdom have been divided and displeased, separated by apparently different traditions and belonging to different cultures, which on the surface have generated various competing interests that do not benefit them nor serve them for the spiritual intent that accompanies the profound work possible when working with ayahuasca.

For this reason we want to invite ALL Taitas or shamans who wish to participate in this International Meeting for unification. This coming together is intended as an opportunity to share the deeper wisdom and facilitate agreement on a number of fundamental aspects for the integration of this gift that is an Amazonian healing plant into Western societies, while considering the specific needs of different sectors.

In the face of the attacks, we, at Ayahuasca International, have encountered for not wanting to submit ourselves to the Cofán laws, for not complying with their traditional ways of working with Ayahuasca, for not being closely associated as a part of any other single indigenous community, for not wanting to be identified as affiliated with any one single tradition or as a part of any organisation that defends ayahuasca or who want to legalise it, (the Cofán is a Colombian ethnic group who believe themselves to be the pioneers and owners of Ayahuasca and who want to regulate the use and distribution of this plant only according to their own traditions). We have been widely slandered and harshly criticised, but also (miraculously) we have received and are grateful for the many messages from men and women of ancient medicine who are aware and realise what is happening behind all of this. They are Taitas and shamans of various Amazonian countries that share our ideology and support us in our international campaign to spread new ways to share Ayahuasca, decontextualising if from the cultural and religious environment so that the purity of the original wisdom of the spirit of this master plant of power can be transmitted.

I see this as a quantum leap in what I call RECOLONISATION and RECONCILIATION. First it was whites who invaded, stole, and attacked the indigenous people, now it is they who with their wisdom and openness are offering us their insights and experience into such powerfully healing plants that they have been using so masterfully and wisely for centuries – possibly millennia, ancient medicines that have recently burst into the mundane world stage of healing techniques, methods, and teachers, to bring fresh air, revitalisation and even transformational effects and affect for the psyche and lives of us all. We are faced with an incredible opportunity for reconciliation, because integration is essentially a reconciliation.

I myself want to apologise publicly to all indigenous people in history. I want to acknowledge and for the whole world to know that due to drinking an Amazonian remedy, an indescribable miracle has happened in my life. I want everyone to know that we are at the precipice of the possibility of healing our souls, forgiving and understanding, accepting and appreciating, integrating and supporting.

This will not be a bloody, cruel, and unjust re-colonisation as it is no retaliation, but a purely authentic reunion in which the manifestation of the love and recognition they so rightly deserve, shall emerge. It’s time to give back what we stole many years ago from many indigenous communities. Ayahuasca is at the forefront of setting the stage for this to happen.

We want to financially support all ethnicities in the jungle who help us plant thousands of seeds of Ayahuasca. We have purchased land in the forest for this purpose, and a hotel to host facilitators and therapists from all over the world to learn the science of ayahuasca and the art of its application, by the hand of men of natural wisdom who hold profound knowledge of it. We want them to be our teachers. We are bringing shamans to Europe to teach us and give us ayahuasca. We have already assembled the first international indigenous crafts store to work with these ancient peoples. (At this international meeting we will setup many craft stalls and create different presentations to give voice to each).

Ayahuasca International will cover the transfer costs of all Taitas and shamans interested in sharing their wisdom and vision of the moment we as human beings are living in relation to the experience with ayahuasca.

The Taitas and Shamans interested in participating should send a letter to: [email protected]

It will be I, Alberto José Varela, who will pose a series of questions and will call to connect with each of them personally, to share ideas about managing ayahuasca internationally.

Those we invite first are the Cofán people who are open to this movement, and of course we will create and hold an allowing space to clarify everything that happened. We will invite Taita Querubin to publicly recognise the pressure he is undergoing from the Cofán government itself for political reasons.

WE WANT TO HELP RELEASE AYAHUASCA AND THE TAITAS OR SHAMANS FROM ALL RADICALISM AND FUNDAMENTALISM, OF POLITICAL OR CULTURAL MANAGEMENT WHICH IS ANCHORING THEM IN SENSELESS POWER STRUGGLES because we have discovered that the path to healing with ayahuasca is always toward the evolution of consciousness, and this means transcending traditions and ambitions. It does not mean that traditions are forgotten nor ignores the economic interests that we all have, but rather that traditions and interests are not the things considered when deciding agreeing the path we all take. We are facing a global movement of shamanic, psychotherapeutic, and spiritual integration, of which you can be a part of if you dare trust in freedom and the natural flow of consciousness.

  “Instead of using people to demonstrate the power of ayahuasca or of the shamans, let ayahuasca and the wisdom of the shamans be used to demonstrate the healing power each person has when they access the experience with ayahuasca.”

This is true empowerment of the use of ayahuasca. No more dependencies nor attachments to leaders and techniques. It’s time for freedom and for each person to take charge of their evolutionary process by taking responsibility into their own hands for themselves.

With this in mind we want to say – WELCOME! To this, the International Campaign to Unify the Shamanic Worldview – with the knowledge and experience of Western therapists and the inspiration of spiritual teachers and guides.


Those who wish to attend this meeting as a participant, contact: movimiento@albertojosévarela.com

We will send you the different ways in which you can participate during these 3 days and 2 nights from May 27-29th, 2016 in a hotel in Madrid. 100% of the proceeds will go to the shamans/Taitas for their people.

“The global movement that is emerging is not a movement of ayahuasca, nor shamans, nor of people taking ayahuasca around the world; neither it is of teachers nor of wonderful techniques; the movement is of consciousness and toward consciousness. The time has come to go beyond attachments and absurd limitations.” 

Alberto José Varela


Founder and Director of the European School of Ayahuasca
Founder and Director of Ayahuasca International

Creator of: “Transcendental Healing”, “The Game of Understansding”, “No-Therapy”, and of this Global Integration Movement for the Expansion of Consciousness

“Global Movement of integration” for the expansion of consciousness


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