Our Organisation keeps growing on global level with extraordinary results in the personal processes of the participants who choose to have the Ayahuasca experience with us.



NEW SERVICES: We have incorporated medical and psychological consultation services (free of charge) through e-mail or telephone to attend professional questions for people who are in the process of curing physical or psychopathological diseases. [email protected]

POST RETREAT MEETINGS: One or two weeks after each retreat we organise FREE gatherings to share the advances of the processes of each participant, where they can comment with each other and integrate the development they are achieving in their daily lives. Service leaded by facilitators of the organization. [email protected]

INTERNATIONAL TOUR: We move forward with Alberto Varela’s tour, along with Shamans, musicians and facilitators to bring first hand information to thousands of people who are interested in knowing and asking about the psychotherapeutic use of Ayahuasca. Milan, Rome, Naples, Santiago of Chile, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, India, Cape Town, Tokyo, amongst other major capitals. [email protected]

NEW BLOG AND NEW LANGUAGE: As of June we migrate to a new and larger design for our blog and web page, and we have incorporated a fourth language: German, having already exceeded one and a half readers all around the world. [email protected]

VISITS OF SHAMANS AND MUSICIANS FROM THE AMAZON: Elmer Muñoz, a Shaman from the Peruvian jungle and José Fernando Jojoa Diaz, a Taita from the Colombian jungle, are currently already in Europe, but Victor Queta will also shortly arrive, grandson Taita Querubin Queta and heir to the Cofan wisdom; Darwin Grajales, music therapist and Colombian singer-songwriter; Taita Alfonso Males Jamioy, amongst others.  [email protected]

TRIPS TO THE COLOMBIAN JUNGLE: As every month of the year, from the 11th to 22th of each month we continue taking groups of travellers from many countries to our hostel located in Mocoa, where people come, interested in knowing the origin of Ayahuasca and taking it in the jungle with shamans along with facilitators and guides from our organisation. [email protected]

PERSONAL CONSULTATION WITH SHAMANS: In the cities where we take the indigenous doctors from the jungle, we offer a private consultation to broach different ailments to be treated with Amazonian plants.

NEW THEMED RETREATS: We move forward with the tour of facilitators specialising in addictions, who are carrying out retreats to overcome various dependencies. [email protected]

PRIVATE AYAHUASCA SESSIONS WORLDWIDE: Increasingly, more people ask us for private sessions with friends or family to have the experience in their own home. [email protected]

CHILE: We have founded the INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL CHILE S.P.A. company and carried out the first Inner Evolution Retreat with Therapeutic Use of Ayahuasca in May 2016. We’ll be back in July for another retreat! [email protected]

ARGENTINA: We have started the legal formalities to visit Argentina over the next months and carry out Ayahuasca retreats.

SWEDEN: We initiate conferences and retreats from 3 to 11 days throughout June, July and August; also for Denmark, Norway and Iceland. [email protected]

BARCELONA-SPAIN: We inaugurated the geodesic dome for 70 people in our retreat house in Moncada, where besides the Ayahuasca sessions and school classes, we carry out Shamanic dance workshops, music therapy, systemic movements, etc. [email protected]

MEXICO: From July, 15th to 18th the second retreat in the Riviera Maya will take place, with international participants. We will carry out Ayahuasca sessions in a tourist resort rented exclusively for us, with walks on beach, cenotes and natural places. We continue doing our monthly retreats in Tepoztlan with the visit of the singer Darwin Grajales. [email protected]

ITALY: We are already present in the North, centre and South of Italy, plus our house in Torino. We will soon open a new epicentre in Rome, following the notorious receptivity our method has had.

NEW EPICENTRES OF INNER EVOLUTION: During this 2016 summer we will rent houses in Malaga, Andalusia, Berlin and Switzerland to carry out retreats and our School’s training cycles.

For more information: [email protected]


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